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    Once upon a time, there was an Ugly Feebas. He swims along with a group of Magikarp.

    Magikarp 1: "Karp Karp Magikarp."

    Feebas: "Bas Feebas."

    Magikarp 2: "Karp Magikarp."

    Feebas: "Bas."

    Whatever they said, I don't know, they are a bunch of stupid fishes and they weren't even talking, they just randomly saying parts of their names while swimming randomly.

    A long time passed, all the Magikarp had evolved into Gyarados. They had full of rage... BROOKLYN RAGE! And have a weird obsession with their Blue Three-Pointed Head Crest.

    Everytime a Pokemon Trainer comes to catch a Gyarados, a Gyarados will pop out of the water and say: "Attention Trainer! My Blue Three-Pointed Head Crest gives me the power to defy gravity!"

    Trainer: "Oh My God! D8 This explains why Gyarados are part Flying-Type!"

    While trainers were catching Gyarados, a beautiful creature rose up from the water. The trainers wonder what it is. In a closer look, it appears to be a Milotic, that was once the same Feebas that was in the beginning of this story. After the trainers realized it was a Milotic... they all ignored it since Gyarados are far more awesome and useful in battle.

    After all the Gyarados were caught, all the trainers left, leaving the poor lonely Milotic alone.

    Milotic: "I wonder why no one wants to catch me? I'm far more fabulous than those Gyarados brutes. They don't even want to watch the Spice Girls movie with me. >:"

    Suddenly something came right behind Milotic, it was a trainer!

    Trainer: "Hmm... It seems my Gaydar had led me to you. You do look rather fabulous. How bout we team up together and do some Pokemon Contests? We can win lots of prices and ribbons. Okay, just ribbons but still!"

    Milotic: "Alright, I will show off my extremely fabulous beauty to the world."

    Trainer: "Okay, fine, whatever. Just don't get too close to me, I don't want people to call me a Freaky Fish Guy again, it's so hard make people stop calling me that."

    And so, with the help of the trainer, Milotic can finally show his beauty to the world... by doing degrading tricks for the amusement of the Human-Pokemon Community.

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