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Originally Posted by Ballzie View Post
Cool. When is a good time to trade?
hmm tomorrow afternoon is good for me
Originally Posted by DannyB01 View Post
You have yourself a deal then my friend Guess there's not much chance i could get wish chansey then?

When can you trade? My fc is 0173 9624 7837, let me know asap I'm about to go offline

Edit: Im going offline for a while, I'll pm you when i get back. Thanks btw, I'm really looking forward to this! :D
hmmm I will throw it in with wish bagon too
Originally Posted by g0dofearth View Post
well Ginji do you still have a wish bagon even know your trading one to dannyBO1?
Originally Posted by xxashxx View Post
I am on Wi-Fi now if you are ready to trade. I only have 70 minutes before I have to go to sleep. Thanks.
your best chance to trade with me is on wednesday or saturday "
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