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    Originally Posted by tnguye3 View Post
    Okey dokey, so I visited the Hiatu Wiki where all the Fakemons are and I just uploaded them there.
    Also thought to just upload them here in case ya can't find them cause I kinda find it hard navigatin' through that wiki, seems kinda unorganized and the sidebar only has electric and legendary Pokemon so yeah...Geuss I'm just not the tech dude. xD

    Anyways, here're my concepts, hope they're ok.
    BTW Elunas and Solius are not shaded yet...But I thought I'd just share anyways.

    Lemme know what ya think!







    Evolution chain: Leafzard -> Razoraus -> Draglant





    I can see you tried a dark/light pairing, but we already have those, and we don't accept legendaries right off like that ; Sorry, those two won't make it.
    I personally don't really like the first evolutions, but I especially like Draglant(however the name will have to be worked on).. I just now discovered that the Pokedex jumps numbers... 12-15. We need a 13 and a 14. Reordering will be a lot of work...
    Therefore, Razoraus and Draglant are go. They will be numbers 13 and 14(I'm sorry to sound snappy, however; you can submit this fakemon line, and your legendaries to other games if you'd like. I usually don't allow this.)
    That means they will appear in the demo. We will have to change their names though, just to add some creativity.
    I'm in the process of adding a lot of fakemon to the dex now, those will be the ones I'm starting with.

    Thank you!
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