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    Originally Posted by Nyu~♥! View Post
    Here is one of Draglant's sprites.. it's one of my worst. <_< it's attached.
    if you want to give me feedback on it please do so nicely. :D
    Originally Posted by tnguye3 View Post
    Ya, um, anyways............ xD

    I tried to sprite Draglant and...well...

    I geuss it's fail, lol. Not a good spriter. xD
    Actually, tnguye3, since its supposed to be a sprite of the drawing, that's a pretty good sprite. Shading is a bit off, but you're a beginning spriter, and shading is one of the hardest parts in my opinion, so that's not a terrible thing. The only thing is, it's a bit big. There's an 80x80 size limit for battle sprites for Pokemon .

    On the flipside, the perspective you used in your sprite, Nyu, makes the Pokemon seem smaller than it probably should be. In my opinion, it looks more like a bigger version of a menu sprite. Maybe drawing it in a standing position like tnguye3's would work better?

    Combine the good parts of both of your sprites and pay attention to the 80x80 rule, and it'll come out to a pretty awesome sprite for it.