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Originally Posted by ~*OliverTwist*~ View Post

Team Atmos:

Leader: Evelyn
Commanders: Skye and Orion
This team feels that the world is corrupted and that living in their newly created Skyworld is a better choice than the environment of the Earth. Their goal is to have all humans and pokemon living in a world of the sky, controlled by their leader Evelyn.

Team Cosmos:
Leader: Maxine
Commanders: Sirius and Carina
Like Team Atmos, this team feels that the world is corrupted and that living in space in the next step for humanity. Taking the goals of their opponents even further, Maxine leads this team with the intention that living in space is a healthier alternative and refreshment from the environment on Earth.

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I have a question: why are either of these bad things? And why do they oppose one another? Realistically, couldn't they both just live in their respective places and leave the rest of humanity to kill itself? Is it because they want to save ALL of humanity, so they're forcing everyone to leave for space whether they want it or not? I've gotta say.

This is monumentally stupid. I'm sorry. I... you know, really, I'd be okay with these if they weren't Evil Teams, and they weren't your enemies. Because there's no logical reason that they would have to harm anybody to get what they want.
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