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    Originally Posted by Zephyr+ View Post
    I have a question: why are either of these bad things? And why do they oppose one another? Realistically, couldn't they both just live in their respective places and leave the rest of humanity to kill itself? Is it because they want to save ALL of humanity, so they're forcing everyone to leave for space whether they want it or not? I've gotta say.

    This is monumentally stupid. I'm sorry. I... you know, really, I'd be okay with these if they weren't Evil Teams, and they weren't your enemies. Because there's no logical reason that they would have to harm anybody to get what they want.

    Also, something I've been wondering...why does one team want to go to the sky, while the other wants to go to space...aka the sky? If Atmos wants to have a civilization in the sky, then that civilization will inevitably have to be in space, the same place Cosmos wants to go, the end result of which is: two groups aiming for the same goal. And that, in turn, raises the question, why do you even have more than one group to begin with, especially more than one group aiming for the same thing, but wording it differently? Cosmos isn't going any further than Atmos is. To be in the sky is to be in space.

    [By the way, Earth is a planet, planets are in space, Earth is therefore already in space. So these teams both just want to make a new planet? How are they going to make a stable ecosystem, let alone breathing system, on their own? Water? Air? Food? This Atmos/Cosmos plan is a bit...less than thought out...]

    In summary: Both of your evil teams have the same exact plan, and that plan not only isn't evil, but doesn't even make sense.
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