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    *Credit For TileMap Offset Goes To Knizz*
    *Credit For Helping My Mind Along Goes To Full Metal*

    Programs Used In This Tutorial:

    - CyclonePrototype - unLZ-GBA - Hexecute RC7 - Paint

    Let's Begin, Shall We?

    ~+~ 1

    To start off you will need to create a TileSet in Paint

    Open Paint, and a good set of attributes are 128x128 pixels

    Now Begin To Paint, This Is Where Creativity Comes Into Play, Of Course Feel Free To Use Graphics From Your ROM If You'd Like To

    ~+~ 2

    Now You Save Your TileSet as a 16-Color Bitmap.

    ~+~ 3

    Now you'll be creating a TileMap using CyclonePrototype

    Open Cyclone and load the TileSet you've just created

    Now Comes the time consuming portion of this process, you have to create the tilemap, one tile at a time, which is quite bothersome, but unfortunately a nessecity. You arrange your tiles into the pattern you would like for your Copyright Intro Screen.

    Once you have completed the layout for how you would like your Copyright Screen, go to File>Save TileMap

    +!+!+!+!+YOU MUST SAVE YOUR TILEMAP AS A .raw FILE+!+!+!+!+!+

    ~+~ 4

    Open unLZ-GBA and load your ROM

    Once Compressed Data has been read, go to image number 1635, you may want to change the pallette using the "next pal" button, in order to double check for the correct image

    ~+~ 5

    Go To "Import" and change the file type to "All Files", now find your TileSet, the image you made at the beginning of this Tutorial

    ~+~ 6

    Once selected, go and click on "Write To ROM"

    Select "Export Pallette" and "Automatically Fix Pointers", and change the "Image Offset" to 00716AAC (*THIS SPACE MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE DEPENDING ON THE AMOUNT OF WORK YOU HAVE DONE IN YOUR HACK*) and click OK

    You are now done with unLZ-GBA

    ~+~ 7

    Open Hexecute RC7 and open the .RAW file you saved as the TileMap for your Copyright Screen

    ~+~ 8

    This is the simplest part, hold the CTRL button, and press the letter A, now hold the CTRL button and press the letter C. (That Was Easy)

    ~+~ 9

    Now in Hexecute open up your ROM

    ~+~ 10

    Scroll down the the offset of E9CA40 and place your marker at the beginning of 0100 [Indicated In Screenshot]

    Now hold CTRL and press the letter V

    ~+~ 11

    Go TO File>Save

    And go Test Your ROM

    If done correctly you should have your Copyright Screen That You Designed

    Download Section:

    IPS Patch - To Install The Copyright Screen Shown In This Tutorial = CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE DUE TO MEGAUPLOAD GETTING SHOT DOWN

    Tutorial - PNG Format (Right Click, Save File As)


    I hope you all enjoy my tutorial, and that it was put to good use!
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