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    Rockeymon: Thanks for the OW sprites. Feel free to do any other sprites that you want to do. I'll reformat them for RMXP and insert them. :D

    Combusken: yeah, I do use a custom tileset. It's in the attachments.

    AceDragonite and DarkDoom3000: No fakemon. I figure that since 90% of games here use fakemon, there's really no sense in using them when Glass will have over 500 pokemon since I figure that Glass will still be worked on when the 5th Gen pokemon come out. That's more than enough pokemon for a game and it's insane to have any fakemon when there's so many underprivilaged pokemon that only show up in the gen that they were made for.

    Like I haven't seen Dunsparce outside G/S/C and remakes. While some pokemon just will not be left outside any pokemon game like the dreaded Zubat. There's plenty of pokemon that can appear in caves besides Zubat and they get ignored. I haven't seen Shroomish outside R/S/E either...and I like Shroomish. :(

    Update: Also, there seems to be a month-long competition to make a game with only the basic stuff. I'm contemplating doing that along with Glass (possibly moving my work on Glass to the weekend) because I do want to give people a chance to see what I can really do and stuff. :D That and if I do complete a game for it, I might just get more support for Glass. ^_^
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