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That night, Eugen sat there in his bed, unable to stay still.
What had happened today? What did he see? Did he see anything for that matter. What did his eyes see, or was he the one controlling them this occasion, there was too much for Eugen's brain to uncover yet alone handle. Maybe it was his brain. The truth behind those events may never be told. Eugen was left there, staring sideways at a smiley ball on his table, never before had his mind been so, consumed by thought. What Eugen didn't know was that he was staring at a blank wall that very moment the incident happened, he had said seen so much yet saw nothing. For the first time, fog covered the mirror in the bathroom.
Eugen did not scream.

[What happened? You make sense of it.]

scrambled all over
July 29, 1999.
Puzzled by the recent events, Eugen felt like he needed to search for answers, but the most sickening feeling took over him. He was on the train to school and spotted that very same shadowy blur, but he didn't flinch, he wasn't scared, before he could have any of those reactions, he fainted. He fainted to calmly, in such a way the other passengers thought he simply fell asleep. That very sickening feeling was that his mind was wide awake, but he could not wake himself up, a black dream, paralyzing him. Left to remain this way, he had time to brainstorm what was exactly going on with him.

[The best theory he could come up with was that he was blind, and yet visions took over him on a daily basis, what was to see? Bat's used supersonic sounds that bounce off objects to 'see', much like radars in a submarine, just on an advanced level. Eugen was no bat, to this day, he has forgotten what he actually believed.]

Eugen woke up.

This was the moment that,



He was stuck in an unknown place, this was when he was scared. Walking outside of the train, he saw nothing familiar, but it was the last stop. Reaching down to his pocket to check his phone, he had 12 missed calls and plenty of messages.

All from his mother.

And then again...
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