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Program Used
The Game is done in VB.Net

As the title says this is a MMORPG based on Fakemons we call Chibitos. We started doing the game in November and it's all done from scratch. We have about 7 Fakemons (Front and Back). For now we are using Pokemons because we don't have enought Fakemons but as the time passes we will try to get out of the Pokemon Theme and make a thing of our own. We have the game release but it's still in alpha so there might be a lot of bugs and we are sorry about that but with your help we can solve them and make this a better game.

What We Are Doing

1. We are trying to find bugs that we currently have.
2. Adding the Animation System to the tiles.
3. Ripping the Pokemon Tiles (We already have the exterior/caves/underwater and all the custom ones ripped all that's left it's the insides)
4. Region Maps (The Regions will be the Real World)

What Makes Us Different

I know that a lot of people have tryed to make a Fakemon MMORPG and after some time they quit and we are nothing like that. We committed to do this and we are not going to quit.

We have a staff that helps a lot and we take into consideration all of your ideas and opinions.

We let our fans create their own fakemons that can be added to the game. Basically our game is made by the fans to the fans. We just want people to have fun and make the ideal game.


Overworld Map

World Map
So here is the world map we have so far:

Individual Maps


1. Mappers (Not just any mapper. We are searching for people that have a really good imagination and can do really good maps with no erros)
2. People that can do Tiles.
3. People that can Design Updater Skins, Client Skins, Wallpapers and stuff like that.
4. People that can program using VB.Net
5. Fakemons Creators.
6. People that can dress sprites (we have our own Templates)


* dinosaurodon - For Making Fakemons
* Negative-Zero - For Making Fakemons


Our website is and our forums are there you can download the game.

I hope to see you all there and hope that some of you can help us making this a better game and thank you for reading this thread.
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