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    Hi. My name is Cole. Cole Lector. I live in a place called Pallet town, near some kid named Ketchum... anyway, one day the Ketchum kid woke up with the cry of the Dorio, and sprinted out of his house. I knew this because I was outside at the time, waiting for the mail. In fact, not long after the Oak kid's car flew by, the mail came. Bill, bill, $100,000 prize... a letter from professor Oak? I mean, I knew the guy. I have some pokemon stuff, including a pokedex I got from him that I could use to find out about pokemon I was intersted in. But still... The letter said to come to his lab after lunch.

    When I got there, Prof. Oak said, "I know how interested you are in pokemon, so.." " Not battling them!" I interjected. " Yes, but field work is more interesting than just reading about them." I agreed with Oak. "So here, you may have a pokemon. You have a choise out of four. These are not the ones that the starting trainers got. They are:" He released four pokemon. The first was a small brown one with a skull decorating his head. "Cubone," A pink one with leaves, "Hoppip," a yellow, sleeping one, "Abra," and a small, black bird. "Murkrow. Choose wisely, Cole...." I gulped. "I choose..."

    YOU choose what pokemon Cole gets first. Vote in the poll.
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