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    Originally Posted by Druyii View Post
    That tut was amazing, but I don't get how to remove the glitchy squares in the bottom left. How do you remove them? It looks like this atm :\


    Uploaded with h_tp://]
    DawnRyder said that he didn't know how to fix those glitchy squares at the bottom left because it also happen on his personal ones too

    EDIT: Well -MéWtH2- says he knows how to fix them :O

    For people who have the wrong version of NTME here is the link

    You probably got alpha version 1 or 2 but you need VERSION 1.1 for this
    Here's the link to it
    its the latest version

    By the way I cant post links so I put a '_' into the http part. Simply remove the '_' part and replace with 't'

    Enjoy people


    If you cant find the any substitute for IfranView for Mac send me your sprite or picture to change into 16 colour bit ANY TIME you want through PM. It doesnt even matter about the quantity
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