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    Originally Posted by tnguye3 View Post
    It could use some work, I tried revamping it, but I just can't imagine an evee evolution with rocks around its head. :x
    I'm still not happy with my Kroneon revamp...I think all I can do is start from scratch, since it;s kinda hard to make a rock Pokemon cute like an Evee evolution (e.g. Glaceon, it's so cute! xD).
    Anyway, I also did some concepts and I'm planning to sprite them. Also did Stonbii but not happy with it so I'm gonna do it from scratch again.

    Anyway here, lemme know what you think:

    Warning, HUGE image...

    Kroneon=DopeX20 although I like the collar of rocks around its head, that way it looks less like Jolteon.
    The Dragons are cool, but we already have Cryozard line and Valkyria in Fingoe, and the second dragon and first look like they should be swapped imo

    paired to kaori & vrai