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    Originally Posted by Cypher DS View Post
    Mm, not quite what I was getting at. Now, obviously people with a prior interest in Pokemon are going to be trying out your game, but can any Pokemon fan play this game and fully understand it? Or should they watch certain episodes of the anime, read certain comic books or play a specific generation of the games to fully "get" what's happening in Pyrite?

    Basically, I'm wondering whether Pyrite is a prequel to Pokemon Gold/Silver, or whether this is set in the middle of the manga storyline.
    When I first started making Pyrite, I intended it to be a prequel, but since the game is almost nothing like the manga/anime its hard to place it in a timeline. I'm trying to make it work like a prequel, you'll see how it ties up in the end.

    Pokemon Pyrite is now complete, check out the trailer/download link here:
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