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Originally Posted by Poster View Post

There might be a future role for this, but this is not Brock's role. Brock is the 'tank'. The village's main strategy is always supposed to be winning, not teamwork. And since for winning we want as many non-townspeople characters available, we need someone that can't be targeted by the Rockets' Night actions, don't we?

I'm working for a way to make the first post clearer and more understandable.


The opening post, along with rules, roles, etc. will be constantly edited, so make sure you check often.
I see where your coming from, as Brock is caught in a bind.
If he claims then he gets instacaptured the following night, while officer Jenny can't properly investigate him and the nurse can't heal him. So this role would be best wielded by an expert.

paired to kaori & vrai
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