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Act III: The Devouring Storm


The orange glow of the slowly sinking sun shone outside of Erebus’ window, not pouring into his room like it had been in the morning. The body of the Cyberdramon began to rouse and stir. His tail twitched and his claws slowly started moving. A low, waking snarl escaped his throat. Erebus looked around his darkening room and saw a Monodramon peeking in at him.

“Miss Kairi! He’s starting to wake up now!” he called, looking over his shoulder into the living room. The young dragon walked away as Kairi came over, opened the door and walked into Erebus’ room.

“Kairi...” Erebus said, cringing. “I... What happened...?”

“Take it easy, Erebus,” Kairi said, sitting down beside him on a chair that seemed to appear there in between then and this morning. “You fainted from blood loss.”

The Cyberdramon raised his head and looked down at the wounds on his armourless body. The bandages around them were drenched with blood which had since dried from when Kairi had stopped the bleeding. “...How long?” he asked grimly.

“You’ve only been out since this morning,” she explained. Upon seeing him start to try to sit up, Kairi pressed her hands against his chest and lightly forced him down. “I don’t think so, Mister. You’re staying in this bed, Erebus, even if I have to tie you down,” she said resolutely.

Erebus cringed and reluctantly sat back. “...But--“

“Balion’s taken over for you. I stopped the bleeding but you still need the night to recover. If you get up now, you’ll become light-headed and then faint again,” Kairi said. “I’ll get you some orange juice.” With that, she exited the room and turned left.

Erebus sighed and looked out the window, seeing clouds and the darkness of night coming towards him as the sun disappeared. He grimaced and began to sit up, unfortunately for him, just as Kairi came back in the room. “I’m not bluffing, Erebus. I can get the chains right now,” she said, glaring at him.

“Please, Kairi,” he said.

Kairi sighed, walked over and sat back down in the chair. She placed the orange juice in his claws and spoke. “Erebus, why?” she asked, sadly.

“It is my fight,” he answered in simple determination.

“You make it seem like they’re all your fights,” Kairi retorted.

“That’s because they are,” Erebus answered grimly.

“Why?” she asked him.

“The evil in this world... I need to purge it,” he explained, looking at her. “I need to fight... because it won’t go away.”

“I agree that the world would be much better if everyone were like the children that I took care of...” she said with a gentle smile, turning and looking in the direction of the living room. “But we killed Imego and Samhain... Isn’t that enough?” she asked softly.

“No... because innocent digimon are still dying,” Erebus replied.

“There will always be evil, Erebus... but that doesn’t mean you should push away the good things in life.”

“I am not priveliged to such things,” he answered, looking away from her.

“Why aren’t you?!” Kairi demanded. “You’re a digimon like I am!”

Erebus slowly looked at her with a level gaze. “...No... I’m not like you, Kairi. ...I was born to fight... fighting is the reason I’m here.”

“And what happens when there’s nobody left to fight?”

“There is always somebody left to fight,” he retaliated.

“...So you’re going to keep fighting for the rest of your life?” she asked, frowning.

“I’m going to fight until I can get rid of the evil that people ignore so readily. Then maybe I can enjoy the good that people take for granted,” Erebus explained.

“You can’t keep fighting... That’s not living, Erebus. I’ve lost two digimon I loved in the last three years... I can never get rid of the pain, but I’ve made my peace with what happened and now I’m trying to keep living, because they would have wanted me to. Why are you like this that you have to strive for some impossible goal?”

Erebus didn’t respond.

“What will you do if you finally get rid of all the evil you think you need to destroy?” she demanded. “Will you finally be at peace? Or will you just keep fighting for another cause? Are you fighting for justice or are you fighting for your own sake?”

The Cyberdramon grimaced and thought. “I... I fight... for justice.”

“Then stop fighting when you don’t need to,” the Sakuyamon said. “Enjoy peace.”

“But fighting is all I know...” he whispered.

Kairi glared into his eyes. “What about Rai, Karasu, Balion, me, the rest of us: your friends? Even if you don’t know what to do with yourself, we’re there for you. Isn’t that worth anything to you?”

Erebus glanced up at her and then looked downwards. “More than you know...”

“Then don’t throw your life away because you’re so bloody stubborn and proud that you can’t wait until morning to take down this guy,” Kairi said, placing her hand on his arm.

Erebus knew her argument was concrete and she successfully made him reconsider. The Cyberdramon looked at Kairi and nodded, promising that he would. As she stood up, leaving him with his untouched orange juice, Erebus spoke up. “Thank you, Kairi... for trying to help me.”

The Sakuyamon smiled, turned and gave him a soft nod. “Thank you for listening to me. I don’t want to lose you too.”

Erebus looked at her and returned the nod before lying his head back on his pillow. “How much progress are you making, Balion?


Balion opened his eyes, his pupils restricting within his crimson irises as a single ray of sun piercing through the dark clouds hit them. His body shifted on the comfortable mattress as he started to wake up. He felt unrestricted in his bed, and he remembered why. As Balion placed his still glove-donned hands behind his head, he looked to his left, over the side of his bed, and saw all of his blue digizoid armour and V-bracelets (blue, form-fitting pants included) strewn across the floor. The only clothes he still wore were his cobalt, fingerless gloves and his helmet.

He felt a warm hand run down his bare chest. Balion’s head turned and, lying on the pink side of his right wing, covered mostly by the blankets, was the naked form of Sylpha. The Zephyrmon slowly opened her eyes and looked up at him, shifting closer to the UlforceVeedramon. Balion smiled and placed his arm around her back before kissing her.

“I don’t typically have one night stands with Dramons I don’t know,” she said, grinning after pulling herself back from the kiss.

“What? You know me; I’m the famous Balion Flamdring of the New Avengers!” he joked with a smirk.

“You know what I mean,” she replied, still grinning.

“Well... Maybe we can make it a two night stand to get to know each other battle. No... better make that a three night stand to be on the safe side,” Balion proposed with a sly expression on his face.

“We’ll see after we catch this guy; we’d better get on that, by the way,” Sylpha pointed out.

“I guess...” Balion said in an exaggeratedly reluctant tone. The UlforceVeedramon sat up, draped his legs over the side of the bed and got to his feet. He then slipped on his suit and armour. His Zephyrmon companion did the same.

“How do we plan on catching him?” Sylpha asked,

“I was thinking about that while playing the piano last night,” he explained. “I’m guessing he wasn’t too pleased that Erebus interrupted his attack on that Paildramon. He’d probably go for her in a second, if he saw her.”

“...You want to use her as bait? I don’t think she’ll be too thrilled about that,” she responded, folding her arms.

“Well, we’ve got to try, don’t we?” Balion asked, stretching and heading for the door.

Sylpha nodded and followed him. “Let’s go then...”


“You want me to what?!” the Paildramon asked in disbelief.

Balion and Sylpha stood beside her as she lay, mostly recovered, in her hospital bed. “We need you to be bait,” Balion explained.

“This creep nearly killed me... If it weren’t for that digimon who confronted him, I would have been dead! You want me to risk getting killed again?!” she asked in anger.

“We think that he’ll want to finish what he started. You’re our best chance at drawing him out,” Sylpha explained.

“If you don’t, what almost happened to you will happen to more innocent Dramon,” insisted Balion.

The Paildramon was still unsure.

“Please... I promise I won’t let him get anywhere near you. In case you don’t know... I’m the fastest digimon alive,” Balion said, adding a soft grin at the end.

“...I’m holding you to that promise,” she said with a shaky, reluctant sigh.

Balion smiled. “Thank you...” He then walked out into the hall with Sylpha. “Sylpha...” he said, looking into her eyes. “...You go home.”

“What? But I--”

Balion interrupted her protest. “It’s too dangerous. I’ve felt the power this guy has. You’d just be putting yourself in danger,” he said. The Zephyrmon looked about to retort to him. “Please...” he urged, putting his hand on her arm.

After a few moments, she sighed and nodded reluctantly. “Just be careful, Balion.”

“Don’t worry about me,” he said with his usual confident grin as he put on the lower part of his helmet that covered his face. “He’s the one who will need to be careful!”


The female Paildramon stood nervously in the middle of a dank, muddy field just outside of the city. She made a point to fly in plain sight on the way from the hospital to this point. Balion hid within the thick branches of a tall tree, in an ideal vantage point to see the Paildramon and everything around her, so he could get the drop on the attacker before he could get to her.

A faint, eerie breeze blew across the field from the direction of the city. The branches of the tree he was in rustled as a result. The UlforceVeedramon looked down at his arms. He silently fiddled with the V-Bracelets around his wrists, turning the knobs to his desired function. “Left... Tensegrity Shield... 120% concentration density, 75% width. Right... Ulforce Sabre... 85% concentration density, 130% length.” He then waited... rather impatiently.

Balion looked through the branches up into the sky above him. The clouds were a thick, dark grey colour. Zero light could pierce through them. He then looked over the city and saw thunderheads moving through the sky towards them. “Damn... A thunderstorm’s approaching... I have to be even more aware of him now,” Balion thought, looking around.

Suddenly a cry resounded from nearby. Balion’s eyes widened and he looked towards where the Paildramon was. He saw a black form racing down from the grey sky towards her. The knight snarled and burst out of the tree he hid in, causing branches and leaves to tear outwards as he left in an azure blur.

“On no you don’t!” Balion shouted, activating his V-bracelets. From them appeared a translucent emerald shield and sword. He rammed into the black figure and sent the digimon spiralling to the side before he could reach the Paildramon. As Balion pushed him through the air, he looked over his shoulder and yelled at Paildramon, “Get out of here!”

The knight then felt a knee painfully pound into his abdomen and throw him away from the digimon. Balion coughed and growled as he was forced back. He looked up and saw the black form of a humanoid dinosaur, clad in armour and gigantic claws. A BlackWarGreymon.

“Dramon scum!” he snarled, boring his eyes into the UlforceVeedramon with nothing but pure hatred.

Balion surged forward, raising his shield in front of him and swinging his green beam sabre down on the digimon. “So you’re the one who’s been killing all those Dramon!” Balion yelled as he sliced downwards, only to have his sword blocked by the dinosaur’s left gauntlet.

“You all deserve to die!” the BlackWarGreymon roared, shoving Balion’s sword arm aside and flying towards him to slash across the pink interior of Balion’s wing. “For what you did to my older brother!”

Balion grimaced and kicked off his belt, pushing himself back away from him. “You’re his little brother?!” he snarled. “Ray of Victory!

Azure power burst from Balion’s chest towards Oberon’s brother. The BlackWarGreymon crossed his claws in front of him to brace himself from the attack. The blue energy parted around him like a ‘V’ upon impact, but he burst through it with intense fury and resolve. “I, Elegast, will punish all of you Dramon scum for your misdeeds! For Oberon’s revenge!” he roared, ripping towards Balion with claws posed to strike. “Terra Destroyer!

A small yet highly concentrated orb of negative energy built up in between his two claws which he then hurled at the UlforceVeedramon. Balion hastily raised his Ulforce Shield in time to block it. The black, burning power parted around his shield, streaming off in five different directions. Balion was forced back in the air just by blocking the attack.

Elegast then aggressively followed up his attack by rushing Balion as the attack still parted. The dinosaur warrior slashed his claws down on Balion’s face. His claws shrieked against Balion’s blue helmet, sending sparks shooting off from the knight’s face. The claws ripped down his helmet, leaving visible scrapes along the metal, and actually cracking it just above Balion’e left eye.

Balion grunted as he felt his neck muscles strain and ache by the brutal swipe. Elegast followed up the attack by bringing his other set of Dramon Killers down on the opposite side of his foe’s face. While this strike didn’t break the metal, Balion could definitely feel the painful pressure. The UlforceVeedramon growled and bashed the BlackWarGreymon’s face with his shield. Upon seeing him recoil, Balion went on the offensive and thrust his Ulforce Sabre forwards. The emerald beam sword cut into Elegast’s side, through the armour, and drew blood that leaked down the dinosaur’s side.

Elegast roared and kicked Balion’s wing. He then swung around and whipped his strong black tail across Balion’s face, ripped the armour of Balion’s lower face, leaving his mouth defenceless. The BlackWarGreymon took advantage of his foe’s exposed area and delivered a mighty karate chop into the UlforceVeedramon’s cheek and mouth.

Balion cried out in pain as he was thrown in reverse. Elegast swiped his Dramon Killer gauntlets horizontally. Luckily for the Royal Knight, Balion had good enough instincts to flap his wings and rear his head back before his face could be slashed off. Instead the tip of one of the metal claws merely knicked his cheek, drawing a small cut.

Ray of Victory!” Balion yelled, releasing a concentrated beam from the V-crest on his chest towards the BlackWarGreymon, which slammed into his legs and sent him flipping forwards. As his foe went head over heels, Balion shot forward with his superior speed. He raised his sword and prepared to slash at his rays, but he underestimated his opponent’s reflexes. Elegast whipped his feet around Balion’s neck, squeezing before flipping himself upright. As he did so, he released his foe, sending him flying downwards.

Balion snarled and spread out his wings to halt his decent. He shot back upwards in a pillar of blue and rammed his shield into his foe’s chest, sending them both upwards. “Try this, you stinking lizard!” he growled, driving his Ulforce Sabre into Elegast’s leg. The dinosaur warrior in question furiously responded by driving his clawed foot into Balion’s chest armour, pushing him away.

“You’ll die just like the rest of them,” Oberon’s brother snarled. “Black Tornado!” Elegast’s body started spiralling in the air, twisting like a raging cyclone towards Balion.

“Crap! How’s he so fast?!” Balion sputtered, hastily raising his Tensegrity Shield, expanding it so that it covered a wider area to protect against the rapidly approaching, horizontal, black tornado. Elegast raged against the shield, ebony contending with emerald in a fight for dominance. The dark clouds overhead were almost nearly black. Thunder reverberated in the air as the two struggled.

Elegast gave a mighty roar as he pushed with a surge of power. To Balion’s complete shock and horror, the black tornado shattered through the shield, forcing it back into his V-Bracelet. “Impossible!” he shouted.

“Die!” the BlackWarGreymon responded, ripping into the knight’s chest armour. Balion roared in pain as the claws ripped through his blue digizoid armour and hacked into his chest. “R-Ray of Victory!” he sputtered, blasting Elegast in an explosion of power at point blank range.

Oberon’s younger brother was thrown back but promptly surged towards him again. Balion used his speed to dart to the side and hack at his bicep. He then shot to the side so that he was behind Elegast and proceeded to drive his boot into the back of his head. Elegast snarled with pain and swung around, easily ripping his claws across Balion’s shin. As the UlforceVeedramon staggered in pain, he made another ferocious assault, grabbing Balion by the horns and driving his face into his helmeted head.

The azure warrior spat out a mouthful of blood and even then, more trickled from the corners of his maw. Balion drove his feet into the BlackWarGreymon’s gut and pushed off. “Ray of Victory!” He fired another powerful ray from his chest towards his enemy. Elegast scowled and swung his Dramon Killers down, which ripped through most of the attack. He then rushed forwards. Balion thrust his right, sword-bearing arm forwards, aiming for Elegast’s chest. The BlackWarGreymon dodged to Balion’s right, causing the UlforceVeedramon to miss entirely. The Royal Knight was now completely exposed.

Elegast ripped his right claw across the side of Balion’s neck, tearing three large rends into his flesh which leaked blood. The claws continued to pass by his neck and rip into the edge of his blue wing as well. Balion roared in pain and turned around, ready to retaliate with a mighty hack of his sword. However, as he spun around, his eyes widened. Elegast was already staring at him, his arm pulled back and his Dramon Killers poised. He drove his arm towards Balion’s face. This time, it would be fatal.

Balion watched with steadfast eyes, knowing this was the end. Something moving quickly suddenly obstructed his view. A familiar form moved between him and the oncoming claws. His eyes widened upon recognizing the body. It was Sylpha.

Sylpha let out a short, pained cry as the Dramon Killers went through her. The three claws pierced through her chest, stopping centimetre away from Balion’s stunned and mortified face. Elegast regarded her with some surprise but merely shrugged it off and retracted his claws, allowing her to fall into Balion’s arms.

Lightning pierced through the clouds, with thunder echoing its power only seconds afterwards. Balion could feel the trickle of rain drop begin to pound the ground around him, falling on himself, Elegant, and Sylpha's body.

“Sylpha...” he said in shock, looking down at her limp body that had just saved him.

She weakly looked up at him and placed her hand on his chest. “Bal...ion...” she whispered before her head fell to the side. Balion’s eyes widened in horror as her form disappated into data in his arms. The data particles scattered with a gust of the storm’s wind.

The UlforceVeedramon’s arms remained outstretched and he kept staring down at where her body was. His fists clenched and his arms shook with fury. His breaths became deep and laboured. Balion slowly looked up to face Elegast, tears of pure rage and sorrow brimming in his wild, crimson eyes.

“She shouldn’t have gotten in the way,” the BlackWarGreymon said callously.

“You...” Balion said a scathing, near-demonic growl. “You don’t care about Oberon... You just want an excuse to murder. You killed Sylpha and that Allomon and they weren’t Dramon...”

Elegast narrowed his eyes to his, flying closer.

“You’re disgracing Oberon’s name and memory... Killing weak and defenceless digimon in the shadows...” snarled Balion, blinking back his tears as rain continued to fall on him. “...This proves just how weak your family really is!” he roared.

The BlackWarGreymon’s golden eyes widened in fury. He unleashed a savage roar to chorus with the cacophonous thunderclap and lunged at Balion as the sky lit up with another bolt of lightning. Balion prepared to retaliate with all that he had, but before he could two arcs of white, purging energy slammed hard into Elegast’s side, slicing through his armour and into his skin as it threw him to the side.

Balion’s head painfully wrenched to the side, trying to see who attacked his enemy. Flying through the increasing cascade of rain in the dark sky was the form of a familiar, drenched Cyberdramon.

“Erebus...” he said.

Erebus responded with only a nod, then turning to Oberon’s brother, who was recuperating from the attack. The Cyberdramon raced towards him before he could completely recover. “Desolation Claw!” Erebus unleashed two arcing blades of energy towards Elegast, one clipped his arm, cutting into his armour, but the BlackWarGreymon managed to hack the other one away with his Dramon Killers.

“You again,” he growled, racing towards Erebus.

“Me again,” Erebus responded, ripping towards him in response. He ducked into the air and drove his clawed fist into the dinosaur’s chest. He then held his claw there, which began to glow. “Cyber Nail!

The claw ripped into his armour and slashed at the scales underneath. Elegast snarled and responded by hacking his claws down Erebus’ rubber armour. However, the part of the armour he attacked was durable enough not to be pierced, even by the Dramon Killers. He growled and improvised, delivering a solid, claw-headed uppercut on Erebus’ gut, sending him flying back to Balion, who caught him.

“Balion, spread out and attack together,” Erebus muttered to the UlforceVeedramon, who nodded. Balion sped away from him, setting up a crossfire with Erebus’ position.

Ray of Victory!

Desolation Claw!

The two attacks unleashed from the Dramon simultaneously and slammed on both sides of Elegast, engulfing him with energy. He emerged from the attacks smoke-ridden and enraged. His body started to glow and his form shifted.

X-Evolution... BlackWarGreymon X!

His claws extended and became even more jagged. Glowing red gems adorned his body and his back sprouted a flaming jetpack. He snarled and felt a newfound power flowing through his wounded form.

Balion swore and shot towards him, whipping his Ulforce Sabre up towards his foe. Elegast blocked the beam sword with one of his new claws and raked his other Dramon Killer down the UlforceVeedramon’s chest. Balion grimaced in agony and weakly tried to thrust his beam sword towards him again. Oberon’s brother bashed his arm to the side and drove his fist into Balion’s face.

Desolation Claw!” Erebus shouted, unleashing blades of energy from his elbows, trying to support Balion.

Hades Force!” Elegast retaliated, building up a massive sphere of crackling dark energy over his head. The countless raindrops that fell over the orb immediately turned to steam, even before touching it. He threw the attack towards Erebus’ soaring arcs of deleting energy. The powerful attack swallowed the two blades hole and proceeded to engulf Erebus, who crossed his arms in front of him in a last ditch effort to protect himself.

The orb of dark energy that had enveloped Erebus exploded outwards in a burst of blinding white light. Emerging from the darkness was Erebus’ Justimon form, rising into the dark sky as a bolt of lightning crackled behind him. His red scarf flapped in the breeze for a few seconds before the rain soaked it and weighed it down behind his cyborg form.

The Justimon cast a look to Balion, who nodded in understanding. Balion’s form also became encased in light. “From farthest peak to tallest tower, the form I seek becomes my power. To slayeth my foes with draconic blade, this knight shall victor over what evil has made. X-Evolution! UlforceVeedramon X!

Balion shot out of the light in his X-Antibody form and raced towards Elegath with an even larger Ulforce Sabre extended from his V-Bracelet. He clashed with the BlackWarGreymon X’s form who crossed his Dramon Killers to block the beam sword. “Now Erebus!” he yelled.

Erebus was already on the way. “Voltage Blade!” His mechanical right arm transformed into a large, beam sword which he brandished in front of him. The Justimon hacked the beam blade down Elegast’s spine, prompting a roar from the digimon. He swung around and slashed his claws across Erebus’ chest. Erebus sneered and flew at him again with his sword at the ready. Elegast let his blade this time and thrust his other pair of Dramon Killers at him. Erebus was forced to dodge and pull back momentarily.

Balion took this opportunity and slashed his Ulforce Sabre down at the warrior. Elegast, however, anticipated this and performed a powerful back kick into Balion’s abdomen, sending him flying backwards through the rain. “Hades Force!” he roared, hurling an intense blast of darkness at Balion.

“Damnit!” Balion growled, raising his new shield to block the powerful attack.

Justice Burst!” Erebus changed his arm back into its regular, smaller mode and pelted Elegast with a salvo of beam bullets. “Balion!”

“I know!” he shot back as Elegast dodged many of the bullets, ripping through the storm towards him. Balion’s body became surrounded with a controlled azure power that flowed off of his form. The raindrops around him glimmered cobalt as they fell. "I summon the Fates of Witchenly, bringeth to me my destiny, that burneth bright and thus transform, with future sight to future form! Future Evolution! UlforceVeedramon Future Mode!

The blue power exploded outwards, engulfing the surrounding rain and throwing the BlackWarGreymon X back into Erebus’ Justice Burst attack that pounded against his body. Balion’s Future Mode form emerged as thunder echoed through the air. His armour became more regal and his attacks much more powerful.

He sneered as he stared up at Elegast. Two large humming blades shot out from his two V-bracelets. “This ends now.”

Balion’s form was completely gone in less than a millisecond. He reappeared behind Elegast and slashed the two beam blades deep into his back. Before the digimon could turn around, Balion moved in closer and restrained his arms. “Erebus!” he shouted. “Now!”

Erebus shot towards them while firing countless beam bullets at him. “Thunderclap!” His arm then shifted, tripling in size and crackling with thousands of volts of electricity. He flew towards the BlackWarGreymon X, building up as much momentum as he could while drawing his fist back. He slammed the gigantic metal fist deep into Elegast’s chest, and sent electricity coursing throughout his body.

Justice Kick!” Erebus followed up, driving his fist into his foes chest, shattering the beaten armour with 40 tonnes of power behnd it. “Prepare yourself, Balion! Trinity Arm!

Erebus arm shifted into a massive beam blade that surged with electricity. He drove it into Elegast’s chest assaulting him with not only the blade, but sparking power and beam bullets.

As his prey writhed in his arms, Balion’s V-crest began to build up enormous amounts of power that pressed against Elegast’s back at point blank range. “Ray... of... Victory!

A sapphire beam completely engulfed the BlackWarGreymon X, sending him flying out of Balion’s grasp and towards Erebus. The Justimon readied his giant Accel Arm and brought his enormous fist hammering down on Elegast, making him plummet limply to the ground below. He hit the ground with a thud. His smouldering, writhing form didn’t rise. Erebus and Balion flew in the air momentarily. Lightning crackled down nearby which was followed by the reverberating noise it carried. They descended towards the defeated criminal and landed in the mud before him in silence.

...And then Balion turned him on his back, kneeled down on his chest and continued driving his fists into his face. Elegast’s head limply shot to whatever direction Balion’s knuckles drove it in.






He drove his fist square into the end of the now-BlackWarGreymon’s snout. All that Elegast could do was spit out blood during the brutal beating.

“...I’m finished,” Balion muttered, standing up and wiping his bloody hand on the digimon’s rapidly expanding and declining chest. Erebus nodded and placed his metal foot hard on the BlackWarGreymon’s throat. He remembered all the innocent lives this digimon took and pressed down harder, causing Elegast to make a grizzly gurgling sound.

Erebus adjusted the Extend Transmitter on his shoulder and shifted his robotic Accel Arm into the Critical Arm- the Voltage Blade. Balion extended his own Ulforce Sabres as well. The three beam blades hummed in a chorus as they pointed at Elegast’s torn body.

“We should kill him,” Balion snarled.

“He deserves nothing short of death,” Erebus agreed, glaring down at the dinosaur digimon. An intense hatred for this digimon welled up inside of Erebus. He hated everything he stood for. “He didn’t fight for revenge; he’s no more than a despicable creature committing indiscriminate murder under the pretense of justice.”

The UlforceVeedramon took a step closer and prepared to thrust his two swords. Erebus did the same. Balion glared down at the rain and blood-soaked digimon. A flash of lightning momentarily lit up the pair as Balion snarled, seeing flashes of Sylpha’s death in his arms run through his head.


“I’m not going to persecute a whole race based on the actions of a few individuals,” Sylpha explained. “Nobody will ever know peace if we can’t learn to forgive and accept each other. There’s just no point in holding grudges.”


“Damn it,” Balion grimaced, stepping back and returning his Ulforce Sabres to his V-Bracelets. “I can’t kill him... Sylpha wouldn’t have wanted me to.”

Erebus’s Voltage Blade, however, still hovered over his throat. “Are you going to do it, Erebus?” Balion asked over the rumbling of thunder. The Justimon didn’t respond. He continued to glare down at Elegast. The BlackWarGreymon looked up at Erebus, wheezing as rain pelted him.

“Do it... scum... Kill me like your kind killed Oberon... Show the world your true nature that they have so easily forgotten...”

Erebus pressed his blade, crackling intensely with energy, against his throat and tensed his arm.


“What will you do if you finally get rid of all the evil you think you need to destroy?” she demanded. “Will you finally be at peace? Or will you just keep fighting for another cause? Are you fighting for justice or are you fighting for your own sake?” Kairi’s voice echoed in his head.


Erebus grunted and allowed his Critical Arm’s blade stray to the side, away from the BlackWarGreymon. “...I’ll let the appropriate authorites deal with him,” he said, transforming his arm back into the regular Blitz Arm.

“Why?” Balion asked, slightly surprised.

“Because I fight for justice... not revenge,” he said, glaring down at the murderer. “Killing him would only justify his false words about our species... But if he escapes or is released and starts killing again... then I’ll kill him without mercy.”

Balion nodded and grabbed one of Elegast’s arms. “Then let’s bring this bastard to justice...” he said. “Erebus, go get the chains in my bag,” he requested, pointing through the rain to the tree where he had been perched.

The Justimon complied and returned a moment later, handing them to Balion, who went on to remove Elegast’s Dramon Killer gauntlets and bind his arms behind his back. Erebus stood over the digimon, going through his pockets, and then glanced at Balion. “My badge?”

Balion casually took the badge from his pocket and flicked it up into the Justimon’s hand. Erebus then outstretched the badge, flashing it at Elegast. “You’re under arrest for the murder of all those Dramon civilians,” Erebus said to him. “Now hold still and shut up.”

The UlforceVeedramon Future Mode finished restraining the digimon and hauled the captured criminal to his feet and glanced at Erebus. “Can you take his other arm?”

Erebus nodded and forcefully closed his arm around the dinosaur’s right bicep. The two dramon avengers then leapt into the air with Oberon’s younger brother in tow. They flew in complete silence – odd for Balion – and were accompanied only by the beating of rain and the sharp echoing of thunder that followed the piercing bolts of lightning through the dark sky. They descended in the city where the remnants of the Celestial Sphere have been.

The two abruptly burst through the local law enforcement building, treading in water as they went. “Holy--“ a nearby Angemon officer said in surprise, stepping away from the door.

“We have defeated the killer responsible for the numerous Dramon deaths,” Balion announced as he and Erebus threw the BlackWarGreymon face first onto the station floor.

“That’s great,” the Angemon said in some surprise. “But you two aren’t officers...” Erebus gave a quick flash of his badge. “...I see. Well, you two should go to the hospital immediately. You’re both in rough shape,” he said, noticing how beaten and bloodied the two were.

They nodded and turned to do just that. “This vigilante thing could cause you some trouble when you report back to the governing body,” Balion explained to Erebus. “Politics...” he scoffed.

Erebus growled, shifting back into his Cyberdramon form. Balion followed suit, grimacing as he took on his regular UlforceVeedramon form. “I’ll deal with that when I have to,” Erebus said, leading them towards the hospital. “Hopefully, they’ll see what’s right...”
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