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Thanks for this, I find it hard finding good tutorials on these things. Especially if you're making an actual game and not a hack.

I was going to try making a game from scratch....but I think I might attempt practising hacking first. Definitely need to take baby steps...or else I'll get overwhelmed quickly. :/

This is going to be like my bible for the next while. :p

Is there a quick keyboard combo for undo in Advance Map? I tried Ctrl + Z but it sends me to the event details instead....

edit: you have any tips for editing tiles? I want to put some houses on a rocky background but I can only find ones with there a way to take out just one file and edit it in advance map? I tried editing them in paint....but it's hard to get the dimensions right and I'm not sure if it's even the right way to do it....

edit: Oh, think I found the block editor...

I don't get how I'm supposed to edit scripts in advance keeps telling me the script editor is not found....
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