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Originally Posted by Andrew McKenzie View Post
Be patient dude, he'll release it once it is ready to be released.
Besides, asking for release dates is against the forum rules.
Just bide your time. A good game takes patience and skill and rushing new betas out
for people who ask for them will only result in something bugging in the game.

Metapod will release the next beta when he's ready to release it.

As for myself, I've been playing Beta 2.5z and I must say, it is absolutely amazing.
Brings back a load of memories I've had from watching the animé but in a whole new way!

I may have found a potential bug or glitch though:
When you are obtaining Bulbasaur, this turns out as planned, even with no space on your team.
It just goes straight to the PC when captured.

With Charmander, if you have no space, you can run to the center and free a slot to pick him up, that works.

As for Squirtle though, I came along, did everything right, tried to pick him up.
He wouldn't join my team because it became full again after I retrieved Pikachu.
So I thought that if I went and freed a slot on my team and come back and get him, that would work.
Unforetunately, when I left the cave and did free a slot on my team, upon my return, Squirtle was gone and nowhere to be found.

So I was wondering if maybe you might be able to fix this or perhaps just
make it so that they get automatically sent to the box if you have a full team?
Or even bring up the box menu like when Pikachu won't fight Misty so you can free the space to obtain him.

Anyway, the Beta is amazing and I'm still not at the end of it.
What I can say though is that whilst I'm looking forward to your completion of the game,
I wish you would never end and keep this going as long as the anime goes. And even if
you hit size consstraints, you could release an entirely new game for the next portion of
the anime. One where you basically just have Ash arrive in the new region as in the Animé, with just Pikachu.

Anywho, good luck Metapod, I look forward to playing this for the coming days and even more so to the next release.
I think you are right.Sorry i am a little inpatient and i even finished the beta2.5z so i want to play the next beta badly
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