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    Pokemon Illusion Version

    A hack of Pokemon Fire Red


    Just because it's called Illusion version doesn't mean there's going to be Zoroark in it. I have no idea why I called it Illusion. I just needed a good name.

    Storyline: The Kanto region used to be a peaceful island region, until Team Rocket put the whole region under their command. You tried to stop them, but they knocked you out and put you in a high-security prison with your friend. You and your friend have made a plan. You have heard about the region in the south: The Plarati region with its beautiful forests, lakes, and mountains. You plan to escape the prison and find the rumored underwater tunnel to the Plarati region, train the Pokemon, and take the league challenge. When you reach the region, you and your friend go separate ways, thus becoming rivals, each trying to become the champion, and searching for the lair of deoxys.

    The Kanto Map needs to be remade. Most of the cities don't need to be used, so all of the people can be moved to the new region. The new region will have the standard 8 gyms and the elite four people. A lot of the first part of the game will be the rocket complex. It would be hard to do this all alone. It would be great to have some help.

    Positions (There can be more than one person):
    Mappers: Myself
    Spriters: Myself
    Trainer Editors:
    World Map Editor:
    Overworld Editors:
    Opening Editors:
    Beta Testers: Myself

    If you want to be part of this project, apply in a form like this:
    Job(s) Wanted:
    Proof of Skills:
    Past Experience?:
    Contact Info:

    Ideas planned:
    - New trainer sprites
    - New gym sprites
    - New Character and Rival Sprites
    - Whole new region
    - Day/Night cycle
    - Gem Belt (Opens access to a new area after you find all the gems)

    I hope this turns out real nice.