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    Chapter 6

    The next morning at the pokemon center of Hoenn League village, Black Jack was checking to see who was his next opponent. He was looking at the big screen as it showed him his next opponent. It turned out to be a twenty-year-old woman dressed in traditional yet beautiful Chinese dress. The screen stated that her name was Cecilia Stansfield

    I never heard of her, he replied.
    But I have heard of you, said a girls voice.

    Black Jack turned around to see the person that was identical to the picture on the screen. Its an honour and pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. Black Jack.

    She politely bowed to him while Black Jack smiled. Likewise, he replied.
    I have heard many and great deeds you have done, sir.
    And I havent heard anything about you. But getting this far, you must be good.
    I look forward to our battle. And I hope that itll be a great one.
    You can count on it.

    They both shook hands.

    And may the best trainer win.
    I plan to.

    Cecilia giggled at that remark as she turned to exit the center. Finally, Black Jack thought as he shrugged. A trainer who isnt a freak!

    The next day, Black Jack got himself ready for his semi-final round as he walked into the battlefield waiting for his next opponent, Cecilia. Black Jacks acquaintances sat as part of the audience.

    So whos this Cecilia? Ash asked.
    I heard that she came from Mossdeep city, Max replied. She trained at Mossdeep City gym to learn about psychic pokemon, but she likes to learn other styles too and she trains her pokemon in different ways.
    What kind of ways?
    Well for example, she mightve taught a Scyther to use a poison type attack, like Toxic.

    As Cecilia came out, Brock immediately fell for her and blushed. Shes beautiful as well! he cried. She can train me anytime!

    Both Misty and Max pulled each one of Brocks ears to make him snap out of his daydream.

    In this round, The announcer cried. Both trainers are allowed to use three pokemon each but only one at a time! The screen will now show who will be the trainer to start first!

    The big screen had chosen Black Jack to select his first pokemon. I think Ill use the pokemon that I havent used yet, he thought. He remembered using Tyranitar in the first round, and he also used Blaziken and Metagross in the second round. That meant that he had Feraligatr, Nidoking and Salamence left. He picked out a pokeball out of his trainer belt. Feraligatr! he cried as he tossed it out. Go for it!

    He tossed out the pokeball and Feraligatr popped out, giving a loud roar. Cecilia picked out one of her pokeballs and tossed it out. Scyther! she cried. I choose you!

    Scyther popped and got into his battle stance as he prepared himself for battle.

    Scyther! Cecilia shouted. Slash attack!
    Feraligatr! Black Jack shouted. Dodge it now!

    Scythers slash attack was coming down on Feraligatr like a falling tree, only Feraligatr barely dodged out of the way. Scyther kept on slashing at Feraligatr but it kept on missing each time. Suddenly Black Jack noticed the moment when Scythers movement slowed as Scyther leapt into the air.

    Feraligatr! Black Jack shouted. Grab the scythes!
    Feraligatr quickly grabbed Scythers scythe as soon as they were coming down on him.

    Scyther landed on his feet as his scythes were caught, and he wasnt able to struggle free. Cecilia had a shocked look on her face.

    Now feraligatr! Black Jack ordered. Headbutt attack.

    Feraligatr opened Scythers arms apart and headbutted him in the head, knocking Scyther down. Now Feraligatr! Black Jack commanded. Finish him off with your slash attack!

    Feraligatr leapt into the air and was about to defeat Scyther. Scyther! Cecilia cried. Toxic attack!

    Scyther opened his mouth and spat a huge poisonous vomit at Feraligatr. Feraligatr fell down hard on the ground as his entire body suddenly felt weak.

    See? Max said. I told ya!

    Shoot! Black Jack thought. Feraligatrs hit!

    Feraligatr struggled to get to his feet, as did Scyther since he vomited out the poisonous sludge. Both pokemon were feeling quite weak. Ash noticed that Black Jack isnt calling back his weakened pokemon.

    Why isnt he calling back his weakened pokemon? Ash asked. Doesnt he care about his pokemon?
    Pika? Pikachu.
    Of course he does, Cassandra replied. Ive seen how the way he treats his pokemon. From what I saw, they are more than just a trainer training his pokemon. One time, Black Jack and his pokemon fought together as a team against those thugs, the Rocket Revengers.
    I remembered reading about that, Brock replied. Black Jacks way of training must be very different to everybody elses.
    True, Max replied. I heard that he trains them by battling them himself. And judging by Black Jacks physicality, Id say that he mustve trained them very well.

    Even though Feraligatrs hurt, I know that he wont give in, Black Jack thought, feeling Feraligatrs determination, his will to fight and his will to win.

    Scyther! Cecilia cried. Now that Feraligatrs weakened, finish it off with your Slash attack!

    Scyther leapt into the air. Jumping with swords again, eh? Black Jack said confidently. Feraligatr! Grab Scythers neck!

    As Scythers cutting edges were coming down on Feraligatrs head, he instantly grabbed his neck, stopping the attack. What? Cecilia said in shock.

    Slam him now! Black Jack commanded. Feraligatr lifted Scyther up the neck and then slammed him on the ground, knocking him out. Scyther was no longer able to battle.

    Feraligatr was no longer able to battle either as he fainted due to the poisonous effect of Scythers Toxic. It turned out to be a draw. Both Black Jack and Cecilia called back their pokemon.

    Nice work, Feraligatr, Black Jack said to Feraligatrs pokeball.

    Since this is a draw, ladies and gents, cried the announcer. The computer will now select wholl be the first to pick their next pokemon.

    This time, the screen chose Cecilia to choose. Scar Maker! she cried as she picked out another pokeball. I choose you!

    Another Scyther came out as he gave out a battle cry. Another Scyther huh? Black Jack asked. I think you made a bit of mistake, using the same pokemon type for this battle.
    Im afraid not, Cecilia replied confidently. This Scythers different from the one youve defeated.
    Okay then Nidoking! Your turn!

    Black Jack chucked out another pokeball, which contained Nidoking. He popped out of his pokeball and gave a loud roar as he prepared for battle.

    You think that roar would scare us? Cecilia taunted. Scar Maker! Sword Dance and Cut attack!

    Scar Maker spun round as he dashed towards Nidoking like a small tornado. Nidoking! Black Jack yelled. Jump over it!

    Nidoking attempted to jump over Scar Makers Sword Dance and Cut combo, Cecilia had another attack in her mind. Scar Maker! she cried. Sandstorm now!

    Scar Maker spun faster and faster a huge tornado was picked up and caught Nidoking. He was taken by spun by surprise as he spun round and round. Shoot! Black Jack thought as he was surprised by that move as well.

    Nidokings face turned from being surprised to being dizzy and nauseous. Scar Maker! Cecilia ordered. Stop the attack!

    Scar Maker stopped spinning and looked up. As Nidoking fell down, everyone thought that Nidoking was knocked out by the Sandstorm. It looks like Nidokings out, Cassandra said sadly.

    But to everyones surprise, Nidoking retaliated from his dizziness as he spun round and instinctively aimed his stomp move on Scar Maker. Scar Maker! Dodge! Cecilia ordered. Scar Maker barely moved out of harms way as Nidokings feet landed on the ground, making a huge crack.

    Looks like Nidokings not out yet, Black Jack said confidently. Nidoking gave a nasty growl to his opponent.
    Scar Maker! Swift attack! Cecilia commanded.

    Scar Maker leapt into the air and quickly spread out his scythes as he shot out tens of energy fireballs that looked like stars.

    A swift attack, Black Jack commented confidently. A move that never misses and neither does this! Nidoking! Counter attack!

    Nidoking swung his tail round to bounce the Swift attack back at Scar Maker. He tried to dodge the attack but it was no use.

    As Scar Maker fell to the ground, Nidoking gave a loud roar. Black Jack noticed what his pokemon wanted to do at that very moment. Now Nidoking! he shouted. Thrash attack!

    Nidoking tackled Scar Maker to the floor and began his trademark pummelling. Now finish it off with your Mega Punch attack!

    Nidoking lifted his right arm and punched his opponent right in the face, knocking him out. The punch was so hard, that it made most of the audience hurt.

    Scar Maker is no longer able to battle, the referee announced.
    Scar Maker! Cecilia cried. Return!

    Scar Maker went back into his pokeball. Cecilia took out her third and final pokeball. Edge! she cried. I choose you!

    A Scizor popped out of his pokeball. Scizor

    Hmm Cassandra thought. Her battling tactics seems strangely familiar to me

    Take a breather, Nidoking! Black Jack said as he took out his pokeball. Nidoking was sent back into the pokeball. Black Jack took out another pokeball. Salamence! Go for it!

    Salamence popped out of his pokeball and gave a loud roar as he prepared for battle. Edge! Metal Claw! Cecilia commanded.

    Edge charged up the power of his claws and Black Jack noticed the weakness of that move, so did his acquaintances.

    Hmm, normally, anytime a fighter charges up his power, Brock said, informing the others. They wouldnt be able to move because they are focusing on their energy, just so they can unleash their attack.
    And Black Jack isnt going to take any chances waiting for Scizor to attack, Ash replied as he had noticed in Black Jacks previous rounds that not only hes got strong and powerful pokemon, he and his pokemon have an unorthodox ability of being unpredictable.
    Wait a minute! Cassandra thought. Ive seen that move before! I wonder if she knows

    Salamence! Black Jack yelled. Fire Blast attack!
    Edge! Attack now! Cecilia yelled.

    Salamence blasted out a huge fire in a form of a giant symbol. Edge ran towards and dodged underneath the attack and smashed him in the face with his closed pincers, knocking him down.

    Salamence slowly picked himself up, shaking off the dizziness. Edge was about to attack Salamence again, but missed as Salamence dodged the attack and flew up high. Salamence! Black Jack shouted. Flamethrower attack!

    Salamence shot out multiple flames but Edge dodged each and every one of them. Edge! Cecilia cried. Metal Claw again!

    Edge leapt into the air in front of Salamence and slammed his pincers on his head, sending him crashing to the ground, making a huge crack in it.

    Scizor safely landed on his feet after the attack. Black Jack began to sjirachi. Is that the only move you know? he asked in a confident tone.
    Edge! Cecilia cried, ignoring Black Jacks criticism. Finish it off now! Slash attack!

    Scizor charged at Salamence. Salamence and Black Jack noticed the weak point of that strategy straight away as Black Jack stood their ground and Salamence struggled to get to his feet.

    They waited, and waited until

    Now Salamence! Black Jack commanded. Salamence lifted up his front legs and grabbed Edge by the waist. He lifted him up and slammed him on his back. Edge tried to pick himself up but Salamence stopped the recovery as he jumped a small height and slammed his front on Edge, using his weight to squash him!

    Salamence picked himself up to see Edge squashed. Scizor Edge moaned. Scizor is no longer able to battle! the ref cried. Salamence wins the battle and Black Jack wins the match.

    The crowd went wild as they once again gave a deafening cheer as they stood up.

    Edge, Cecilia said. Im very proud of you return.

    As Edge returned to his pokeball she looked at Black Jack. Hmm, she thought. I better keep an eye on him.

    Nicely done, Salamence, Black Jack said with a proud and praised tone. Salamence responded as he gave a triumphant roar.

    Ash looked at Black Jack with determination, as he knew that Black Jack was now in the grand final. He predicted that if he gets into the grand final with him, it would be a heavy and great battle.
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