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    Originally Posted by SPG View Post
    ok no that the dick is out of me (sorry for the launguage) this happends (pic is veiwed in A-map)

    how do i fix this? i followed every single step exactle how it appears and it comes up like this (before yo say do it again i did it twice)
    I'll excuse your language for now. (It's about 10x worse at my school. X( )

    It looks like you inserted the graphics correctly, which is good. Now you need the tilemap, which I'm not sure you inserted. Go into NTME, and open your tilemap, and make sure it's in 8bpp mode, and save. Next go into UNLZ, and import your RAW. Click Write to ROM, and uncheck everything but export image. Now go to the image offset textbox, and paste a free space offset. !!Remember this offset!! Now this part wasn't well explained by the author.

    Take your free space offset in notepad. I'll use an example of 123456, to clearly show you.


    Now divide it into three even sections:

    12 34 56

    Now swap the first and last sections, and add 08:

    56 34 12 08

    Now you have a pointer! Now go into a Hex Editor (I recommend HxD. Just google it, and download it. Don't worry, it's completely free. ) In that last spoiler in the first post, (The one with the crazy numbers,) Locate your ROM Header. If you are using an English fire red, you'll use this one:

    Now take the first offset, and do what you did to the free space offset. This is called repointing.


    3F 08 9C

    9C 08 3F 08

    Now you would search for those hex values in a hex editor. (In HxD, press Ctrl+F, and select hex values instead of text string.) Search, and you should find the same exact value. Now take your free space pointer we made, (56 34 12 08) and replace the old value we found.

    Reply if it worked or didn't work.

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