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    Originally Posted by Illusive View Post
    Is it possible to do the following edits in HG/SS (or Platinum)?

    - Trainer Edits
    - Pokemon Edits (eg levels to learn moves, evolution methods)
    - Wild Pokemon Edits
    - Editing Moves (name, power, type, effect etc.)
    - Replacing Pokemon (I want to put some 5th gen pokemon in)
    - In game trade edits
    - Pokemon giveaway edits (eg have steven give you a Jirachi instead of a Hoenn starter)
    1- Yes
    2- Yes
    3- Yes
    4- Yes, but rather glitchy. Just do not edit the description and flavor text from PPRE, edit them using another tool. Trust me.
    5- Yes.
    6- Data not found.
    7- Yes.

    For my question, did anybody manage to find the Lugia \ Ho-Oh texture on the titlescreen? It'd be good to edit, or else everybody has an obligatory mascot. Not much really.
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