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Name: Nicolas Hydrogza
Gender : Boy
Age: 16
Personality: Nick, one of the cockiest kids on earth. He's used to winning all of his battles that he forgot how it was to lose. His dad is a gym leader and pushes him to become the best trainer in the world. His mom on the other hand, just likes to play with pokémon.
He takes a lot of pride in his water pokémon, he had all of them since he was 5. His most prized possession is his Feraligatr, "Chompy". Chompy has a reputation of being one of the toughest water pokémon in the world.

Appearance: Nick has messy, medium cut hair. He wears a totodile cap over his head, backwards... He wears a Blue sweatshirt with black wave details over the middle. He also has a leather belt carrying his pokéballs.
He also wears blue plaid sweatpants with blue Addidas Supernatural commanders. Of course, like any other trainer, fingerless gloves (Blue).

History: Nick is a trainer Ace. He learns pokémon tactics from his dad, no trainer academy. He got Chompy as a totodile at the age of 5, finding an injured totodile and bringing him into his home and helped him heal. His other pokémon were found in the wild, at around the same time frame.
Nick adores water types. As does his mom and dad. Nick is a loving trainer and a tough working one also. He is expecting to take over his dad's gym soon. He wants to test his skills against this so-called harbringer and show that he's the best water-type trainer in the world.

Chompy the Feraligatr

Blasty the Blastoise

Wally the Walrein

Tubby the Wailord

Ludo the Ludicolo

Clamp the Cloyster

All male

Location: Lucky number 7

Swiss knife, pokédex, phone, Tomahawk, luxury tent, foldable oven (lol idk), frying pan, smoke bombs, water canister, and 6 pokéballs. Food purifier, water purifier, 6 XL tents (12 spaces), 6 more water canisters, 2 volleyballs, a shovel, a pickaxe, prox. Mines (5 spaces)

There he was, all alone. Rob just started muttering something to himself... As though he was whispering to a fly. He finally found out why his mom was gone and why his dad left. He understands why no one ever wanted him. He understands why he's all alone.

Ya w/e first example I found. That's just a small fraction of the whole post.
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