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Originally Posted by Aura.Lucario View Post
Totodile12345 - if you add your age, and change a little bit of your History and personality, you're accpeted.

The History and Personality doens't look right to me though. Pokemon isn't popular, and is out-of-date in my Roleplay. So being 'The Bagon Maniac' is strange, isn't it?
sorry your'e DECLINED
like what lucario said, your history conflicts with the story and personality too
but if you make does minor changes your'e ACCEPTED
Originally Posted by TiTaN.JuStIn View Post
Hey, Aura.Lucario( or leader? jk)
You know, I think that if we have one more person in the anti-heroes team(aka traitors), we can start this rp.
Don't you think so?
well since two people have reserved... not quite
and we are intending for a total of 8 people(minus us)
to join this roleplay
sorry for the wait>T_T
good things are worth waiting for though XD
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