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    Why, hello...

    Name: Charles (Charlie) Haranga
    Species: Pawniard
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Uh...he's shiny, but a lighter blue and his metals are silver.

    Move Set: Iron Head, Night Slash, Shadow Claw, Swords Dance

    Personality: He prefers to be alone, but he has social skills. He'll go to a party, thinking he won't like it, but then he'll really enjoy it and he won't want to leave. He's a really good Pokemon once you get to know him. He can lose himself in a good idea, and often dreams about a perfect world where his father came back and he could still visit his step-dad. And, most of all, he loves a good challenge.

    History: Charles was born right in Mineral Town itself, raised by his mother, a Bisharp, and his step-father, a Scrafty. He never met his real father, as he had left for an adventure on his own. Bisharp, his mom, would teach him every day, as soon as he could walk, how to fight. She had a feeling that he would leave home like his father. He had the adventurous spirit. So, one day, not so long ago, he decided what his mother had prepared him for; he wanted to go on an adventure. So she sent him off to the newest guild, one run by an Emboar. And she hoped he would come back someday, like he and his father both promised.

    Team: Moon...guess I'll be with Star Girl.
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