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    Yui blinked and shook her head sadly. "Idiots will always stay idiots. Am I part of the bad side because, as you say, I'm not human? If so, then you are not stating that everyone is equal. I was born a human, and I will always have my human roots. If you think that "good will always win over evil" than you are but an ignorant little boy who knows nothing of reality. This is not fiction. And if the world is as equal as you stated, then why is there more good people than bad? Shouldn't it be that with every good people there is one bad people? That makes the world equal. You, sir, are just an idiot, trapped in the ideals of fantasy."

    Miharu rolled her eyes. "Plus, she doesn't think she's human anymore, since she's an idiot. I, however, do. Why should we try to change his opinions? Idiots will always keep their opinions; they are blind to the real world." Miharu glances at Archipelago. "We're just having a friendly little debate here. And I am not insane, thank you very much. Yui and Michaela are."

    Yui grinned, while Michaela (me) rolls her eyes.

    "I am the most sanest person amongst my friends," stated Michaela. "And I am very sane away from the computer. While I'm at the computer, however, perhaps I get a...bit insane."
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