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    So I've beaten Lenora and Burgh now. Burgh was shockingly easy to beat. Only his Leavanny hit me once with razor leaf cause it was faster than my Darumaka.

    I'm on my way to Nimbasa City now finally after taking a detour to catch a Yamask and pick up the cover fossil.

    Dewott (M) Lv 25
    Gurdurr (F) Lv 25
    Darumaka (M) Lv 25
    Yamask (F) Lv 24
    Whirlipede (F) Lv 25

    I feel my team is finally starting to come into it's own, around Striaton/Nacrene City my team was a bit hopeless but we're making waves now. :p I want my final team member to be a Solosis.

    Then that might be my final team, although if a pokemon I want more comes along Whirlipede would be the most likely to take the fall.
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