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    I just got Pokémon White some days ago, I live in Europe so it was only released at 4 March, and I noticed you could change the trainer type on your trainer card. The default says PKMN Trainer, and you can change it into things such as Lass, or PKMN Breeder. I tried it out and skipped through all the options, and I decided I wanted to change back to PKMN Trainer, but I couldn't choose from that anymore. I went through all the types like 3 times, but PKMN Trainer wasn't there.

    I happened have saved some time before so I just turned off my DS, but I really want to know if there is a way to change back to PKMN Trainer other than on your trainer card?

    Also considering this subject - does this work the same as in Pokémon D/P, where you could change your trainer type at some guy in a Pokécenter to change the way you looked in the union room? If you changed your trainer type to i.e Ace Trainer, you would appear like one in the union room to other people. If you change the trainer type on your trainer card in B/W, does that have the same effect?

    I'm not sure if I posted this in the right spot - sorry if I didn't.