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    Originally Posted by ChimeraReiax View Post
    but yes, since the overworld sprites of 494+ would be unable to be present unless they already had overworld sprites, and Nintendo probably would have overwritten that code. Then again, it IS possible that the code itself wasn't so consuming to the game and they just disabled it, but that's not exactly too likely. Still, a guy can dream.
    Not all, but most (maybe all, but we only see most) of the 649 Pokémon have overworld sprites for the High-Link (Entralink).

    As for the maps, they seem to be identical in behaviour, with the exception of a simple script like an archaic form of the common camera rotation feature in nearly every 3D game, except scripted, as was also present in HG, to the DPPt maps, which, IIRC, are GameCube 3D format maps. I am aware that a tool is in the works here for editing fourth and fifth gen maps, but tools that would work already exist, and I buggered around with the idea of making a Valve Hammer plugin for it, since I am familiar with Hammer.

    The bit that makes me sigh is the thought of those sprites. There's really two options: To take out the animation and have static sprites, or to animate every Fakémon or future backport you want to do. Three thousand five hundred frames later...
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