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Hey everybody. Other than my Pokemon evergreen hack. (Using the city and place names of Washington state). My original project was writing a long book paced loosely on the story line of Platinum, Diamond and Pearl. The main catch is, I have greatly expanded the Sinnoh region. Slight bigger than North America. Also, the method of transportation here? Trains. I don't mean wimpy subway, I mean Amtrak cross country style travel. The main characters (from our world) are Burlington, a new train engineer based out of Seattle,Wa. His friend Conductor Cashmere . (Cashmere's a girl, sorry I couldn't think of a good name). Quincy, the chairman of Stevens pass historical club. (If you don't get the name references, go find out.)The main characters from the Pokemon world are, Red, gold, Brandon, they all meet in sinnoh. and Dawn who the three meet later on. The train crew is assigned to a run over Stevens pass. I haven't figured it out yet but they end up in sinnoh.. my main issue is what to call the passenger and freight railroads in sinnoh. And, no i'm not calling them SinTrak. I also need help to write the story. If you want to join my writing, message me. if you have any suggestions leave your post below. Thanks in advance! - Casey
Heartgold, Soulsilver GO!!!!!! Black and white, nintendo was showing off to much.


Pokemon evergreen, maybe I'll work on it again someday:\
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