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Chapter 2

“Freakin’ Trapinch’s,” Shaun growled, rolling off of an incredibly worn and beat up old couch. His lip curled as he glared at the little pincher mouthed pokemon creating a major hole in one of the few conveniences under this mukhole bridge.

“Pii,” the ground type cackled, snapping its jaw shut a few times just to make those annoying little clicks on purpose. It gazed haughtily at Shaun before jumping off the couch and used Dig to burrow away. Probably to create more havoc.

“I hate those things,” Shaun hissed, leaning back against the ruined couch. He glared as he heard low chuckles and eyed the Croagunk sitting atop the couch, its cheeks expanding with each breath. “You’re useless,” he spat.

“Croo,” Croagunk crooned, lifting its fingers to show off the glowing purple tips.

“Now, now,” a new voiced interjected. “Poor Croagunk here gives you one last goodbye hallucination and all you can do is insult it?”

“**** off, Jake,” Shaun snarled, finally getting to his feet in a huff. He stuffed his hands into his pockets and turned to turn his hostile look at the new boy, Jake, one of the many drug dealers that roamed this ****** town.

There were as many drug dealers as there were those damn Trapinch’s. Which was saying a lot because while people had Rattata as the pest problem, Shaun’s town had to deal with Trapinch. He supposed that since the gym dealt with dragon pokemon they had, at one point, gone overboard with breeding. Now there were Trapinch burrowing everywhere and the occasional Vibrava that buzzed about. There was even the rare sighting of Flygon’s, but mostly in spring.

Shaun could remember a blue colored Flygon had appeared one day and had lived under the bridge in a mulish way with the rest of the deadbeats. It had a crack in one its eye things that Shaun thought looked like goggles and was missing half of one antenna. He supposed it had been abused like them. It had cheered rather viciously whenever a fight arose. Shaun was usually the one in those fights, and he could always remember that dark and amused glint the strangely colored Flygon had given him each time.

And then one day it had disappeared and that was that.

“Really, Shaun,” Jake said, “there’s no need for you to be pmsing like this. If you really don’t want to do this ******** trainer thing, just go to jail.” Jake shot the dark haired teen a smirk and held out a joint.

“Cute,” Shaun growled, “but then who would be the one to deliver your damn cargo when you needed someone?”

“Whether or not you’re in jail or taking off on this experiment, you’re no longer my delivery boy.” Jake stuck out his tongue for good measure as Shaun all but snarled like an animal. “Just think of this last one as a gift from friend to friend.”

“Gunk corak,” the poison toad pokemon croaked heartedly, finding their conversation amusing as he hopped over to Jake and clung to his shoulder like a leech.

Shaun turned away with a sneer. “Where’s whatsername?”

Jake snorted. “Still haven’t even learned her name after all this time? How long have you been screwing her again?”

“Watch it, Jake. I’m honestly not in the mood.”

“What, its true, ya bastard.” Jake shook his head before turning serious. “Honestly, man, just let it go.”

Shaun turned away and began walking deeper under the bridge, Jake hurrying to catch up. The bridge was directly under the freeway so there was hardly ever a time it was quiet. The whole cement area was covered from top to bottom in graffiti. A few trashcans with lit fires were about, keeping the punks that resided under this broken refuge warm, as well as a few Trapinch’s, though that was unsurprising.

“Seriously,” Jake continued. “You’re leaving. She knows it, you know it, and everybody knows it. No use in dragging things around, ya know?”

Shaun shoved Jake away as the brown haired boy tried to tug him away, relishing that he was so much bigger than the other boy.

“Gunk,” Croagunk glowered, giving a warning look as he began hopping alongside of them. The tips of his fingers glowed, just in case he would have to protect his master.

Shaun stormed his way into the crowd of teens, sneering as they gave him jeering looks and taunting calls. Every single one of these bastards knew he wouldn’t be here any longer. Not as if they cared, even if his face was well known thanks to just living here for seventeen years and starting too many fights.

It wasn’t until Shaun found himself at the back, the very end of the bridge that led into the main street and was held up by ugly towers that had been worn down by all sorts of weather conditions and poor graffiti art that he found her. A girl of seventeen with long, dirty blond hair that had more tangles than a rat’s nest and a mess of makeup on her beautiful face. Her eyes, which had been closed, opened as he came closer to reveal somewhat clouded blue eyes.

Still a bit hung over, it seemed.

But what got to Shaun was the filth lying over her. It had shaggy brown hair and a get up of black clothes with more studs and silver spikes than was necessary, and it was dead asleep.

“What the hell is this!” Shaun roared, grabbing the boy off his girl and throwing him to the ground. “Adam!”

The bigger boy was quick to his feet, already shoving Shaun back. “What the hell, man!”

“What the hell?” Shaun mocked. “What the hell?” he snarled gesturing at the girl already sitting up on the beat up chair.

“Shaun, let it go,” she snapped, black mascaraed eyes glaring deeply at Shaun.

The dark haired boy ignored her and pushed the boy, Adam, back. Even if the kid was thicker and a little taller than Shaun, he still stumbled back somewhat, only to throw a punch.

“What?” Shaun sneered as he rubbed at the blood dribbling out of his mouth. “Can’t get your own girl to screw so you have to steal one?”

Adam roared and jumped at Shaun. “Idiot!” the other roared. “You’re out of this **** hole, so that means she’s got no one.” He gestured wildly at the dirty blond, and by now a crowd had gathered. The lot of them were jeering and making a few cackling calls. Adam glared at Shaun. “Taking the cloyster way out, I hear.”

Shaun shoved the other boy away again, expression absolutely livid. “I just know how to avoid jail,” he said as his lip curled in distaste at the other boy before he turned to the still sitting girl. He sauntered forward and leaned far over her, but the girl held no fear, was completely intimidated, and that was why Shaun had loved screwing her. “What was I to you?” he growled lowly.

She gave an exasperated chuckle that held no amusement.

Shaun’s gaze darkened. “What was I!” he screamed at her.

“You were a great memory,” she told him softly, no more than a whisper and with no care that there was a crowd. “What do want from me?” She allowed a humorless smile to grow wide. “I’m screwing him.”

Shaun stared deeply, racooned eyes fierce.

The smile disappeared. “You were a friend, and someone I loved.”

The stare deepened before a bitter sneer appeared. “Well I don’t love you,” he said coldly. “You’re nothing, not even a memory.”

A similar bitter sneer appeared on her face. “Nice tattoo then,” she whispered into Shaun’s ear before drawing back. She gazed up at him. “What was my name?”

Shaun drew back, thoroughly disgusted. Again his lip curled as he gazed at Adam. “Keep her,” he snarled. “All she’s good for is a lay.” And with that he stomped away. Away from all the people who were dead inside and haunting eyes and away from the loud “Screw you!”

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