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    As many people should know, I am Quilava's Master (author of Requiem) and I'm here with my latest hack. Anyone who was around in 2008 will recognize this hack as my first hack. Well Shattered Dreams is back! Hopefully people love this as much as they loved the original back in 2008.

    3 years ago, a group known as Team Rocket, wreaked havoc in the Kanto region. The goal of this organization was clear: rule the world with powerful Pokemon by their side. Using his many resources, Team Rocket's boss, Giovanni, acquired the powerful Pokemon Mewtwo. Fortunately before they could enact their evil plot, Team Rocket was foiled by a young Trainer named Red. Giovanni was eventually apprehended and Mewtwo was taken from him. To ensure that Team Rocket's plan would never come to fruition Mewtwo's power was trapped and locked away in the legendary Jirachi, who fell into an eternal slumber as a result. A small price to pay for peace.
    -Three Years Later-
    You are a young boy/girl aged 17 living in the lush Zinnos Region. You and your best friend, Conan/Claire [changes with gender], are given a Pokemon by Professor Oak from Kanto. As part of the experiment you have to document the changes a non-native Pokemon experiences in a new region.
    After a brief eye-opening encounter with a snobby gym leader, Eris, you and your best friend decide to train and disprove Eris' theory that you two will never be more than mediocre Trainers. On this journey you meet a cocky Pokemon hunter and uncover Team Rocket's plot to capture Jirachi and release Mewtwo's power. But why has Team Rocket returned, and why in Zinnos? And how does Team Rocket's attack on Johto coincide with their Zinnotian attack? Find out in Pokemon Shattered Dreams!
    • One of the most advanced 3rd Gen Hacks out
    • Day, Night, & Seasons
    • Swarms & Roaming Legendaries
    • Time Based Events
    • Pseudo-Mystery Gift/Wi-Fi Events
    • New Battle Backgrounds
    • Updated Sprites & Movesets for Pokemon
    • Completely De-Capitalized Game
    • New Items & TM's!
    • New Field Moves [ie. Dive]
    • Trainer Rematches!
    • Classic Fire Red Tiles mixed with Emerald Tiles!
    • Sidequest & Side Stories
    • Realistic Weather Generator
    • Gen IV Special/Physical Split


    [B]All of these errors were found in Beta 1 using VBA.
    • Misc: The intro sprites are unchanged.
    • Misc: Using the Pokennect via register crashes the game. Don't do it.
    • Misc: At night double battles use the DAN palettes.
    • Misc: Occasionally, while entering a building at night or going into your bag, the day palette may flash for a split second.
    • Misc: Some run off text exists.
    • Beacon City: The Beacon City Gym has a path that leads straight to the Leader. This was there for debugging reasons and I forgot to remove it.
    • Ouija Town: Leaving the Ouija Temple will trigger a leftover event from Fire Red. It'll drag you into the trees before warping you into the Pokemon Center. From there, you're free to continue the game, so it's not game-breaking.
    • Mach Bridge: Inside the gate house of Mach Bridge there is an in-game trade that messes up the way the clock is read. Avoid this.

    Q: What happened to Requiem
    A: I wrote myself into a wall, so instead of trying to restart it, I just decided to reboot Shattered Dreams.

    Q: You should do [x], [y], and [z]!
    A: I'm pretty open for suggestions but for now I think I'm satisfied with the way things are going.

    Q: When is Beta 2 coming out?
    A: When it's done.

    Q: What tools do you use?
    A: A-Map, XSE, Translhextion, NSE & UNLZ GBA, Wichu's Advanced Tools, Sappy, A-Trainer, etc.

    Q: Who are the starters? Why?
    A: Treecko, Cyndaquil & Squirtle. They are each a pure-type from their generation.

    Q: Who do you recommend?
    A: Cyndaquil is the easiest to play with. Squirtle is the hardest. If you're looking for ease chose Cyndaquil, if you want a challenge chose Squirtle, if you want to just play go with Treecko.

    Q: Why does it rain so much?
    A: The rain is randomly generated. As such, it could be pure luck. It's also worth nothing that from March - June it'll rain significantly more (about 3x as likely). This is because it's meant to emulate the Spring season of my area (North Eastern United States).

    Event name: The Cat's Meowth
    Event: Special Event Meowth @ Level 15 with maxed out Speed EVs and "Cool" stat holding an Amulet Coin.
    Occasion: Launch of Beta 2 & Introduction of PokePageants
    Release: TBA
    Location: Fiesta Town
    Additional Info: Meowth knows Assist, Pay Day, Return and Crunch. It also has a Preliminary Cool Ribbon (not visible) which means its ready for the Super Cool Pageant.
    • Drew6464 For Ivy's sprite.
    • NiKaNaRoU for Chrono's OW.
    • DrFuji for helping me edit the TM Data.
    • Lal0101 for the secondary Trees.
    • Zein for the tree trunk tile.
    • PeregrineFig for the Behavior Byte Tutorial
    • Dartharon for the Headbutt Script base.
    • The Creators of the tools I used.
    • Haefele for the Worldmap tutorial.
    • Hackmew for the tools, Pokedex fix, the indoor running shoes, the Magma Armor Hack, and misc. ASM.
    • Wesley FG for the Merainian Tiles
    • JPAN for his awesome hacked engine, some ASM Routines and the multichoice tutorial.
    • Prime-Dialga for the DNS system.
    • Magnius for the music hacking tutorials and a few GSC Tracks.
    • Clonex25 for a few GSC Tracks.
    • Neti for some of the Winter tiles.
    • Fangking Omega for a lot of tiles.
    • Astar_01 for the Calendar tile
    • Kyledove for the Cave tiles.
    • Jambo51 for tons of ASM
    • Darthatron for even more ASM
    • NarutoActor for the trainer facing fix tutorial.
    • The Spriters Resource for various sprites and the battle backgrounds
    • Aimaybee for being awesome and for her awesome OW's
    • Everyone who supports Shattered Dreams!
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    The return of Pokemon Shattered Dreams! Click the screenshot to visit the thread, you know you want to.