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    “You’re late, Shaun,” officer Taylor said without even glancing up from his paperwork. His response was the door to the police station being slammed shut with a loud bang. “I see goodbyes went smoothly.”

    “I’m not in the mood,” Shaun snarled as he slammed his heavy black backpack on the desk.

    Taylor ignored the way the receptionist gave a disdainful sniff by his side as he grabbed the bag. “We’ll leave in a few minutes,” Taylor said, not even bothering to level his gruff voice out. He knew pity or being soft on kids like Shaun had a negative effect. “We’ll just go through your belongings, reread your rights and rules before we take the ferry over.”

    Shaun gave a sour grunt before taking a seat and planting his feet on a separate one.

    Taylor shook his head sadly and prayed to whatever deity was out there to keep the rebellious teen safe.

    “Let’s see here,” Taylor murmured as he emptied Shaun’s belongings. He found several jeans, shirts and two jackets that were mostly black or dark colors. Also a few bracelets and belts. Taylor also found several bags of junk food but was happy to see a decent amount of canned food that could last maybe two or three days if Shaun rationed it carefully. He probably wouldn’t.

    “Didn’t bring much, did you?” Taylor said as he tied a stuffed sleeping bag to the black backpack and handed it to Shaun. The boy shrugged. “Alright, now spread ‘em.”

    “Whatever,” Shaun muttered as he spread his legs a bit and leveled his arms out while the officer patted him down.

    “Money, cigarettes and a switchblade,” Taylor said as he eyed the items. He handed the first two objects back and held the weapon carefully. “I will return this to you as you leave,” he said and pocketed the items. “And only because I know you need more than a little beast out in the wild.”

    Shaun shrugged, not caring.

    Taylor looked at the young man before him. “Shaun,” he said quietly. “You have the chance to make something for yourself.” Ignoring the heated glare and attempted shrug, Taylor placed a firm hand on the dark clothed boy’s shoulder and squeezed. “Make people proud of you.”

    With another forceful shrug, Shaun removed the hand from his shoulder. “Let’s just get there,” he said with a low growl.
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