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    Originally Posted by phosphate5 View Post
    Meh... I asked around on global chat, and apparently the Sun Ribbon is unobtainable... as is the Soothe Bell. Well, that sucks.

    A few more questions ( )

    1. First of all, is it like in PMD where most moves do the same base damage? As in, do water gun, bubblebeam, surf, etc. have the same power, just different effects?

    2. Also, if there's an event (e.g. for Easter), where will the special dungeon be located?

    3. How does item trading and stuff work?

    4. So far, all the quests I've seen give money as a reward. Will I eventually get quests that give items I need (like evolutionary items)?

    5. Some relatively new guides seem to say Ancient Relic no longer exists... if so, what's the final goal in the game that's implemented so far?

    6. If Bronzors, Sneasels, or Smoochums are still obtainable, where can they be found?

    7. What's Staff Garden?

    I'll probably ask more questions as I think of them.

    Right now, my team is:
    Poliwag lv. 26
    Mudkip lv. 16
    Rattata lv. 19
    Oddish lv. 12
    (Weedle lv. 10)

    Depending on how much the obtainable pokemon have changed since the guides I looked at were made, my plan for a final team could include stuff like:

    I'm gonna try my best to answer some of these questions the best I can:

    1) I'm pretty sure that moves work exactly as they do in PMD, with the power and accuracy rated in stars.

    2) I've overheard people taking about that dungeon and that it would probably open on Easter. I think I saw the special dungeon during my explorations. There was a place with a statue that was blocked off with rocks. If so, it's somewhere to the right of Grassroot Town.

    3) I think there's a command for trading, but I don't know the specifics.

    4)I'm not sure about requests, seeing that I've only done like 5 or so =/ I personally think that the center is too far from the town to repeatedly make visits D=

    5) Not sure about that question. Although I'm curious about what happens with that Eevee XD

    6) I'm gonna guess that since most of those Pokemon are mountainous in location, that they would be located somewhere in Winden.

    7) No idea

    For a team, I'd reccomend having the leader as a Pokemon with high HP, and a Pokemon that can walk on water. For example, I sometimes set my Bibarel as leader, and my Wingull can fly across obstacles such as water and lava. Besides that, just carry whatever you'd like, preferably a team with diversity
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