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    Originally Posted by r0bert View Post
    okay,my first time rating a G\S/C map,just to ask;you can change tiles,right?
    if yes:
    add bigger trees,or just make the little ones seem random,you should probably change the rock-in-water layout too,it's kinda meh.Overall A 6/10
    if no,just scrap the bigger tree part;a 7/10.
    Now for my map:

    map name:ROUTE 2
    map game: Darkblack
    map credits:alistair,alucus,zein,kyledove and PrinceLegendario.

    map description:yes,it's a bridge,if you want to see what it started with,look in my albums.The mountain on the side is accesable after you get's an island inhabited with Metagross,because it's the only one of it's evolution line that doesn't float.if a metang evoloves there,it gets stuck on the island.
    thats the first time ive seen a mountain being used like that, and i noticed the other map you made with the stacked rocks, you make pretty extraordinary maps, which is pretty good, ok so let me review this:

    first off, the mountain at the top of the map is too straight, you might want to fix that, the spot with dark water looks kind of weird there, maybe add some more dark spots,(at first i thought it was shading, you could have used it around the bridges so it looks like the ground is on a higher level) and the piece of sand at the water doesn't look right as well, but besides that its a great map and i really liked it because of the bridge, i give this map a 9/10

    map name: route 1
    rom base: fire red
    Hack: pokemon raging fury
    comments: at the bottom of the map, there is a forest, and the player goes upward from the forest (forest entrance is those two small flower things)
    map: is on attachment.