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    Edit - Finished!

    Name: Alexandrea Mazerek

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Alexandrea stands at about 5”4” and weighs in at about 114 pounds, don’t take her small stature lightly because that will be the last thing you ever do! Alexandrea’s normally blonde, short hair has been dyed black with purple streaks, her skin a pale peach color, and her eyes a crystal blue. Clothing wise she finds that wearing a T-shirt with a Left 4 Dead 2 pattern with the words, “Curing the infection” written on it, she also wears a pair of torn jeans which have probably seen to many days and a pair of black converse. She also wears a gold locket around her neck which holds a picture of her younger, yet identical, twin sister in it. She also keeps the area below her elbows bandaged just because she exclaims, “They look cool!”

    Alexandrea is extremely outgoing and social; she will always jump at the chance to make new friends, and not shy away from new people. She is also a self-proclaimed kleptomaniac; always eager to steal something new, whether it be ice pops or rare artifacts, she will always end up stealing something at a new town. Alexandrea is also a major trickster, always loving to set childish traps on her enemies or from people she is going to steal from. Alexandrea also a major tomboy, and wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress, or in makeup for that matter. Alexandrea is also very protective of the people she cares about especially if it’s her twin sister.

    Despite her qualities of being friendly and outgoing she often acts before thinking things through and often gets in trouble for it. She also has quite the sharp tongue when angered, and being accompanied with the fact that she does have quite a lot of martial arts experience so be prepared for the worst if you piss her off. She isn’t afraid to pick fights with people if need be, especially if her sister is involved. She often will get in over her head when she fights which has given her arms quite a few scars on her arms and it is another reason why she wears bandages on her arms although she refuses to admit that she’s ashamed of them

    History: Born to a wealthy family in Snowpoint, Alexandrea was the eldest of two identical twin girls. She, however, was the healthier of the two; her sister was not nearly as lucky when it came to health, so Alexandrea did not get to see her much as the two were growing up. Alexandrea was blessed with the ability to not have to go to home school like her sister; instead she grew up in the local girls-only private school. Alexandrea learned all sorts of things at school, none of which she ever used. Alexandrea didn’t particularly care for school, and her sharp tongue often got her beat up on many occasions, her parents became worried and soon signed her up for self-defense lessons, where she quickly excelled in.

    Alexandrea wasn't to keen on the idea of using her skills for JUST self-defense though. Alexandrea KEPT starting fights and used her martial arts as her ace in the hole, which everyone knows, is breaking rule number 1 of the self-defensive arts. The school, having enough of Alexandrea's antic, kicked her out and Alexandrea was forced to attend home school.

    She found this to be much to boring and soon began pondering the idea of running away. She thought long and hard on the idea and decided that the benefits outweighed the consequences so one day at age 15, she ran away from her home. Once she ran away she made her living as a thief, stealing whatever she could get her hands on. She would start fights with gang members, getting scar after scar on her arms, go days on end without eating anything, sometimes was so frustrated with the whole ordeal she wanted to throw her hands up in the air, yell a flurry of obscenities, and go home but then she thought of the fact of being locked up 24/7 studying and then found the will to continue onward.

    One day, on her way to steal some local food supplies, she ran into a male Ralts who was more than happy to steal from her stash of stolen goods. A thief from a thief, Alexandrea finding amusement in the situation asked the Ralts if she would like to team up with her and become partners in thievery. The Ralts quickly and happily agreed, so, using a Pokeball (that she stole) she got her first Pokemon, a male Ralts whom she nicknamed Hyperion.

    This began the start of her very own Pokemon journey, she had no desire to really obtain badges though. Alexandrea found the task to just be to tedious for her taste, only going out of her way to obtain gym badges when she needed to test her Pokemons strength.

    Hence bringing us to present day, Alexandrea is now 19, with quite a few years under her belt, she also holds a close bond to Hyperion and the two are often constantly in sync with each other. She doesn't believe in this whole Arceus natural disaster thing, only obliging to go to Unova so she could find more things to steal and she couldn't pass up the chance for a new adventure, could she?

    Pokemon 1-

    Species: Gallade
    Nickname: Hyperion
    Gender: Male

    Background: Alexandrea obtained Hyperion while he was still a Ralts, they agreed to be partner in thievery from the start. Both of them are extremely skilled liars and sneaky con artist. Alexandrea evolved Hyperion into a Gallade so they could spar together, which they often do to keep up on their skill. Hyperion often wins though thanks to his psychic powers which Alexandrea often claims to be "cheating". Despite their differences they are close friends and will always back each other up, no matter what

    Personality: As stated before, Hyperion is a major klepto like Alexandrea, although he is much calmer and doesn't have a sharp tongue. Although if given the chance, will always speak his mind. Alexandrea often gets annoyed with his calm demeanor at times though, and he often gets irritated with his trainers lack of patience. Despite how irritated he gets with Alexandrea, he is fond of his trainer and would lay down his life for her. Hyperion is also a fan of chocolate and Alexandrea will usually buy him a chocolate bar as a reward for doing well in battle.

    Moveset: Close combat, Slash, Psycho Cut, Confusion

    Pokemon 2-

    Species: Ninetails
    Nickname: Yoko
    Gender: Female

    Background: Yoko was hatched from an egg which Alexandrea obtained by less than moral means. She raised Yoko from the day "obtained" the egg. When Yoko finally hatched she babied her from the start, often bottle feeding her and treating her like her own child. Yoko has helped Alexandrea a good number of times in battle, not afraid to protect her so-called "mommy" (because you know, Alexandrea never told Yoko that she blantantly stole her from her parents nest)

    Personality: Yoko is much more elegant and much more silent than Hyperion. She holds a certain sophisticated behavior but isn't afraid to let down her guard to Alexandrea whom she regards as her motherly figure, so much to Alexandrea's annoyance, every time she comes out of her Pokeball, Yoko is prone to glomping Alexandrea. Alexandrea found it cute when Yoko was a Vulpix but now that Yoko is Ninetails and is much larger it can get quite annoying. She often wonders if it's her karma for stealing Yoko from her parents.

    Moveset: Flame Burst, Nasty Plot, Fire Spin, Hex

    RP Sample:

    Taken from my authored rp on an alternative forum

    Hanako continued to eat her food in silence, unable to look the kind professor in the eye. She couldn’t look anyone in the eye, not as she was now and she wasn’t sure she had the ability to change either. She let out a nervous sigh and pushed the plate away and the kindly professor took it and put it in the sink that was close by and as if right on cue Hanako heard footsteps
    within the lab.

    “Oh, another trainer,” Juniper stood up from the table, smiling. “Everyone is so early today. You’re Haruka, right? Haruka Yamamoto?”

    Hanako couldn’t help but examine the girl who was happily talking to the professor; she seemed to contrast Hanako perfectly right down to hair and eye color. Her hair was short while Hanako’s was long, her eyes and hair beautiful light silver while Hanako’s was a midnight black. She wore a beautiful black dress that was embroidered with white frills, while Hanako on the other hand would never consider wearing a dress because of her scars.

    And there was the matter of personality…

    She seemed very outgoing, but the way Hanako noticed Haruka’s eyes darken at the word “past” could mean that she holds a dark side as well. Hanako observed Haruka carefully. They were in perfect contrast to each other…

    And yet…

    They seemed…so similar. That couldn’t be possible though, Hanako had very little interaction with people ever since she woke up. Hanako shook off the strange feeling and watched as the two approached the desk where Hanako was sitting.

    “This is going to be one of your traveling partners, Hanako Ikazawa, “Juniper said with a smile, Hanako looked up from her plate for a mere second but then returned to eyeing the table nervously.

    “Um...H...hello to you too?” The girl said. Hanako remained silent unable to look the girl in the eye.

    “Now, now, my dear, why don’t you say hello?” The professor said with a smile. Hanako raised her head for a second she used one hand to cover the burned half of her face and the other to wave slightly to Haruka. Hanako then noticed that she was using her hand that had been scarred to cover her face, embarrassed, she returned to eyeing the table carefully.

    “Hm, you two look like you could be complete opposites, and yet you two are so similar, are you two siblings by any chance?” Juniper inquired, once again Hanako remained silent, Haruka’s eyes darkened at the word “sibling”.

    “No, we have never met before,” Haruka said with a smile on her face although Hanako could sense a sadistic undertone underneath the smile.

    “I see… Well, regardless, you two look eerily similar, haha,” The professor laughed, Hanako only shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She heard the lab door open once more; this time however, a boy was coming to presumably claim his first Pokémon.

    “May I help you?” Juniper stood up and asked the boy with a pleasant smile.

    “Please do, ma’am!” Will told happily as he moved closer, “I’m William!”


    “That one! Oh my, it’s an honor to meet you professor Juniper!”

    “Oh, oh; please don’t. Nice to meet you, William! So your journey’s beginning, right? Wasn’t… Wasn’t your brother supposed to be coming too?”

    “Oh, Artie… He’s a case, professor. He won’t be long, though. Do you mind, um… If we proceed?”

    “Not at all, let’s go.”

    Hanako eyed the boy and examined him, just as she did Haruka. He seemed like a pleasant young boy, quite tall though and he intimidated Hanako a bit. Hanako was never fond of men…not after that ‘incident’. Hanako could still the voices of those boys laughing in her head. She shuddered
    and shook the memory off.

    That was the past, this was now.

    The boy soon took a seat across from Hanako and had pulled out what had appeared to be a lighter, much to Hanako’s dismay. She silently eyed the flame watching it go on and off, something in her stomach lurched violently.


    Hanako abruptly stood up and knock the lighter from his hands and watch it slide under the fridge. Hanako shook her head, “Y…you…shouldn’t pl…play…with…th…ings….like…t...that…” She managed to stutter out before sitting down and returning to silently eyeing the table, occasionally her eyes darting from one person to the next.

    Soon a loud crash soon entered the lab causing Hanako to flinch and look up from her protective stance to see another boy stumble in the room in a frantic hurry.

    "Oh! You must be Will's brother right? Artemis, was it?" Juniper greeted the new boy with a smile.

    "Oh wow, my reputation precedes me." She beamed. "You're unfortunately running a little late and everyone else has picked their Pokémon already, including your brother."

    "That's fine; I'm sure whatever you've left for me will be perfect." The boy said flirtingly.

    The two discussed a few things and soon Artemis followed Juniper into the kitchen. Hanako was growing increasingly uncomfortable with the amount of people in the room.

    “Now, you all have your starters I’m sure you all know why I sent out my ads for new Pokemon trainers, to complete my Pokedex of course, some of you might have your own reasons for going on your journey though,” Junipers eyes darted from trainer to trainer, “Whether it be for personal reasons or for personal growth, it does not matter, “She turned and face the window,” All that matters now is to try your best, and more importantly have fun.”

    Hanako looked at Juniper and couldn’t help but think how amusing it was that she was making this sendoff speech so dramatic.

    “You will make many friends, and more than a few enemies, I can’t gurantee your safety. But remember, the Pokemon that I just gave you will stick by your side no matter what, so do not mistreat it in any way, it is your companion from start until finish”

    Juniper ended her speech by handing the group 4 different Pokedexes. Hanako examined her Pokedex curiously, looking at all the fancy buttons on it, her parents being very Eco nutty never really allowed for much electronics.

    “I wish you the best of luck trainers,” Juniper smiled.

    Hanako nodded, so she was going to be traveling with these three, huh?

    This was going to be a loooong journey.
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