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    Welcome to my shop. I've been away for a while because school has taken a lot of my time, school is over now and I got a lot more time on my hands. IF ANYTHING APPEARS HACKED PLEASE LET ME KNOW.The semi-redis you have to give credit to whoever I'm giving credit to. Thank you.
    (Excuse my for my lack of organization.)



    Any of these here.

    IVs: Flawless
    Timid nature PKRS Cured
    4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
    Sleep Powder
    Stun Spore
    Bug Buzz

    IVS 31/31/31/30/31/31 No RNG
    Timid Nature PKRS Active
    4HP 252 SPATT 252 SPEED
    Calm Mind
    Hidden Power Electric
    Ice Beam

    (thanks BlaQk)
    Flawless IVs
    Timid Nature
    252 SP ATT 4 SP DEF 252 SPEED
    Nasty Plot
    Energy Ball

    Will add more later.


    Crown Suicune UT Relaxed - strong willed, likes to run, somewhat vain, loves to eat, often dozes off, and god endurance.
    Crown Entei Adamant UT - often scatters things, proud of its power, impetuous and silly, likes to relax, and hates to lose
    Crown Raikou Rash UT - loves to eat, somewhat vain, often scatters things, often dozes off, and very finicky

    EVd level 100 unless told otherwise pokemon with names or OTs were obtained in trades and are semi-redis. credit goes to the OT or name next to it. If put up for trade you must credit the person I credit. Thank you!

    Tyranitar level 100 sassy nature EVd 255 sp attack 255 speed
    Garchomp Level 100 Jolly Evd 255 attack 255 speed
    Flygon EVd Relaxed 255 attack 255 speed Lv 100
    Gengar EVd Timid 252 SP ATT 252 Speed 6 DEF Lv100
    Dialga Hasty 4 DEF 252 HP 252 Sp Attack Lv100
    Arceus TRY Adamant perfect IVs HP 252 ATTACK 252 Speed 6
    Shiny Vaporeon OT Kate Bold near perfect IVs 31/31/31/30/31/31 HP 188 DEF 252 SPEED 70
    Giratina Origin Forme
    EVs: 92 HP / 252 Atk / 164 Spd Hardy
    Shiny Togekiss sp att 255 def 4 speed 251

    Shiny Metagross Lv. 100 Adamant 253 HP / 236 Atk / 12 Def / 9 Spe
    Shiny Rayquaza Lv 100
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Spd / 252 SAtk Lv. 100 Timid
    Darkrai Lv 100 52 HP / 252 SpA / 204 Spe Naive
    Mewtwo Lv 100 Rash
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
    Death's Mamoswine Jolly 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe semi-redis
    Death's Shiny Empoleon
    EV's: 24 HP|252 SP.ATK|234 SPEED Modest semi-redis
    Shiny Flareon IV Bred Evd gotten as Eevee from Death_Mande careful 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 SpD semi-redis
    Rotom Modest level 100 OT Adam EVs HP/6 SP ATT/252 Speed/252
    Shiny Politoad OT Chris (Blueshadow v2 I believe) HP252 SP DEF252 sp att4
    Shiny Gallade OT Chris same as politoad HP4 Att252 Speed 252
    Shreyas Starmie HP6 Sp ATT252 SPEED 252
    Electivire OT twisted HP4 ATT252 Speed 252
    Near's Frosslass HP4 Sp Atk 252 Speed 252
    Shiny Feralogatr Naive HP2 ATT253 Speed 255
    Shiny Alakazam Timid OT Chris (blueshadow v2) DEF40, SP ATT 252, Speed 216
    Kingdra Naive ATT252 SP ATT192 Speed 64
    Shiny Scizor Adamant OT Arren IVs 31/31/31/19/31/31 HP253 ATT253 Speed 4
    Skarmory OT Cameron HP252 DEF255 Speed 3 Impish
    Jirachi Gentle HP76 SP ATT253 Speed180
    Shiny Typlosion OT David Modest HP6 SP ATT252 Speed 252
    Death's Shiny Aerodactyl Jolly HP4 ATT253 Speed 253
    Death's Heatran Modest HP4 SP ATT253 Speed 253
    Shiny Empoleon EVd by me obtained from Death as Piplup Modest flawless IVs HP 252 ATT252 Speed 4
    Shiny Lugia obtained from batzarro flawless IVs Timid HP4 SP ATT 252 Speed 252
    Shiny Lugia Obtained from batzarro timid flawless IVs HP 252 DEF64 Speed 194
    Torterra Adamant OT Lucas Flawless IVs ATT 252 DEF6 Speed 252
    blaQk's shiny Magnezone Naive IVs 30/31/31/30/31/31 EVs ATT42 SP ATT252 Speed 216
    Infernape EVd by me obtained from Death as Chimchar Jolly near perfect IVs everything 31 speed 30 SP ATT 252 SP DEF4 Speed 252
    Shiny Porygon Z OT Spartan Modest SP ATT 255 Speed 255 flawless in hp sp def and speed
    Shiny Forretress Relaxed OT Andre HP4 ATT 252 DEF 252
    Shiny Drapion OT Chris (blueshadow v2) Jolly HP4 ATT 252 Speed 252
    Death's Shiny Lucario Adamant ATT252 DEF6 Speed 252
    Magmortar NN Maggy OT Lumario ATT30 SP ATT 252 Speed 228 Mild
    Shiny Slaking OTVUK Adamant HP252 ATT 252 Speed 6
    Glaceon EVd by me OT Death Careful Flawless IVs HP4 SP ATT252 Speed 252
    Tyranitar EVd by me OT Death flawless IVs Adamant HP252 ATT32 SP DEF 224
    Machamp OT ASH Adamant No Guard HP 252 ATT 252 DEF6
    Spiritomb Adamant OT Simo ATT252 DEF4 SP ATT252
    Death's Gliscor EVd by me obtained as gligar Jolly PKRS active flawless IVs HP252 DEF4 SPEED252
    Volcarona Quiet Lv 100 Perfect IVs in sp atk and speed EVd HP6 Sp Atk 252 Speed 252
    Darmanitan OT THOR Adamant Sheer Force IVs 28/22/31/25/31/19 lv 100 EVs ATT255 Speed 255
    Whimsicott Sassy OT Loki Prankster IVs 31/31/28/2/31/30 lv100 EVs HP252 DEF138 SP DEF120
    Arcanine Adamant OTAnZLorD FlashFire ATT252 Speed 252 IVs lv100 EVs 30/31/31/30/31/31
    Accelgor Timid OT Shovel Sticky Hold IVs 13/31/12/31/31/26 lv100 EVs HP4 SP ATT252 SPEED252
    Scrafty Naughty OT THOR Moxie IVs 31/30/22/26/8/31 lv100 EVs ATT252 DEF252
    Haxorus Jolly OT JR Mold Breaker IVs Flawless lv100 EVs HP6 ATT252 SPEED252
    Hydreigon Modest OT TTC Levitate IVs 31/12/26/31/31/31 lv 100 EVs HP4 SP ATT252 SPEED254
    Zoroark Timid OT Loki Illusion IVs 25/23/31/31/19/31 lv100 EVs HP6 SP ATT252 SPEED 252
    Charizard Timid OT Mat Solar Power IVs 31/31/31/30/31/31 Lv 100 EVs HP4 SP ATT 252 SPEED 254
    Shiny Kingdra Adamant OT PENIS Swift Swim IVs 30/28/16/9/31/31 lv100 EVs HP180 ATT 252 SPEED 78
    Venusaur Quiet OT Wyatt Overgrow IVs 3/8/0/31/29/14 EVs SP ATT 252 SP DEF 252 SPEED6
    Chandelure Modest OT Nanook Flashfire IVs 29/20/14/31/8/5 EVs HP252 DEF1 SP ATT252 SPEED5
    Steelix Bold OTMaria Sturdy IVs 21/21/23/17/24/17 EVs HP252 DEF6 SP DEF252
    Jellicent Bold OTShovel Cursed Body IVs22/8/9/0/7/0 EVs HP252 ATT4 DEF254
    Floatzel Bashful OTWyatt Swift Swim IVs 25/31/24/21/31/19 EVs ATT252 DEF6 SP DEF252
    Armaldo Adamant OTMakuchi Battle Armor IVs 25/30/24/31/31/31 EVsHP12 ATT252 SPEED246
    Raichu Naive OTJAY Static IVs 29/21/23/31/27/30 EVsHP6 SP ATT252 SPEED252
    Leafeon Adamant OTTom Leaf Guard IVs 1/3/17/12/29/23 EVs ATT255 SPEED255
    Bellosom Modest OTJason Chlorophyll IVs 22/2/23/31/31/2 EVs SP ATT252 SP DEF6 SPEED252
    Swampert Adamant OTCasador Torrent IVs26/31/25/31/31/11 EVsHP252 ATT252 DEF6
    Ferrothorn Relaxed OTHilbert Iron Barbs IVs 9/16/11/16/31/0 EVsHP252 DEF48 SP DEF210
    Excadrill Adamant OTMatt Sand Force IVs 24/30/29/9/24/10 EVs ATT252 DEF4 SP ATT2 SPEED252
    Kabutops Adamant OTSerra Swift Swim Flawless IVs EVsATT252 DEF6 SPEED252
    Swellow Jolly OTIsa Guts IVs 31/31/31/30/30/31 EVs HP3 ATT255 SPEED252
    Dragonite Adamant OTalfred Inner Focus Flawless IVs EVs ATT252 DEF6 SPEED252
    Dusknoir Impish OTAvZLorD Pressure Flawless IVs EVs HP230 ATT28 DEF252
    Shiny Salamence Naive OTLucas Intimidate Flawless IVs EVs ATT18 SP ATT240 SPEED252
    Cloyster Adamant OTShovel Skill Link IVs 6/31/31/6/31/22 EVsHP4 ATT252 SPEED252
    Azelf Timid OTLuis Levitate IVs 28/31/24/31/26/31 EVs HP6 SP ATT252 SPEED252
    Cloyster Adamant OTXena Skill Link IVs31/31/31/23/25/31 EVsHP4 ATT252 SPEED252
    Politoed Calm OTMark Drizzle IVs flawless EVs HP4 SP ATT252 SP DEF252
    Reshiram Timid OTtwisted turboblaze flawless IVs EVs DEF6 SP ATT252 SPEED252 non-redis
    Shiny Conkeldurr guts Adamant OTRIONIX flawless IVs EVs HP252 ATT252 SPEED6
    Yanmega Modest OTAnthony Speed Boost IVs15/19/30/16/9/6 EVs HP20 ATT42 SP ATT191 SP DEF2 SPEED252
    Shiny Carracosta Adamant OTJustin Sturdy IVs 30/30/28/25/25/30 EVs HP4 ATT252 SPEED252 lv75

    IV BredPerfect IVs (All semi redis unless labeled otherwise)
    Death"s IV bred Larvitar Adamant UT
    Death's IV bred Swinub Jolly UT
    Death's IV bred Shiny Rhyhorn Brave UT
    Siberia's Flawless Ditto Modest
    Death's IV bred shiny eevee careful UT
    Death's Shiny Azurill Adamant UT
    Death's Shiny Wurmple Modest UT
    Death's Yanma Adamant UT
    Death's Shiny Squirtle UT

    Reshiram Timid OTtwisted Turboblaze UT Non-Redis
    Kyurem Timid OTtwisted Pressure UT Non-Redis
    Shiny Terrakion Jolly OTNick Justified
    Shiny Virizion Adamant OTDAMIAN Justified
    Shellder (NN Jenny) Adamant OTXena Skill Link

    EV Training
    Evolutions that require trade
    all TMs and Items from Pokemon Soul Silver


    EVd 5th Gen Pokemon (or any EVd pokemon i don't have)
    IV bred Pokemon
    Major Want
    Adamant Female Timburr Flawless in HP/Attack/Special Defense/Speed
    with Guts ability

    Last but not least thank you for checking out my thread.
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