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If nothing shows up, please try the Johto Elite theme.
Mario image Maker
Macromedia Flash MX 2004/Adobe Flash CS3
Actionscript 2.0

This game is simply a scene creator. That's all. Now, if you want to know what is good about this game, keep reading. You don't have to download it, either!

Change backgrounds
If you decide your scene is too cave-y or too night-y, you can change it -- without starting over!
Music Changing
Very useful for making actual videos. Sometimes, you may have to scroll through the songs to find the right one
Mute button
Very few game have this.

List of songs
Track 1 - Mario Strikers Charged(USA title) Opening theme
Track 2 - Super Mario Galaxy 2 Supermassive Galaxy
Track 3 - Super Mario Galaxy 2 Final Battle
Track 4 - Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bowser no-gravity battle
Track 5 - Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bowser's Galaxy Generator
Track 6 - Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bowser's Lava Lair

I would appreciate it if you helped me with this. Just request the code for a specific bug, and you can help.
• When you click the music button to go back to track 1, it doesn't play.
Please report bugs to me whenever you find them by replying to this topic or contacting me on the main site.

Updates coming soon
• Improved music system
• Improved instructions screen
• Better Item Placement
• More backgrounds (maybe)
• More watermarks

Please note that this is completely voluntary
• In coding (This is Actionscript 2.0, not 1.0/3.0!!!)
-A code that creates an object at position (X,Y) whenever the screen is clicked.
-A code that saves the image upon clicking a certain object.
-A code that sends 'gridlines' to frame 1 and frame 2.
-A code that automatically aligns the images placed if 'gridlines' is on frame 2.
• Beta testers
If you would like to be credited, please say so.

• Trailer
Please note the trailer is old. The gameplay is still the same, only some watermarks and characters have been omitted.
Creations by me
ladies first!.png
--cannot add any more because of 5 upload limit--


1. If you don't want the watermark of "Mario image Maker" to show up as much, use a lighter background!
2. Don't create a sprite crowd!
3. Put sprites where they need to be!

Q: What is actions script?
A: ActionScript is a programming language used in Flash. It was created by Adobe.

Q: What is a sprite crowd?
A: A sprite crowd is when a bunch of sprites are grouped together. This usually results in a low-quality image, but there are some exceptions.

Q: Ooh ooh can I be a beta tester?
A: Yes!!! Please reply and ask, but don't act like a monkey.

Q: I found a bug/glitch/error. What do I do?
A: If it is natural, as in you didn't hack the game, then please report it to me.

Q: I still have a question!
A: You can either post it in this topic, send it to me by PM, or contact us on the main site.

In case you didn't notice a link above, click here:
If the URL does not work, please copy and paste it into the Address Bar, or type it in.
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