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    I've added color palette for different daytimes (colors' choices will probably change during the development):

    Originally Posted by Quilava's Master View Post
    Wow you just don't cease to amaze me. This looks like G/S/C hack as opposed to a RBGY hack which is amazing! I really like your devamps too. Though I'm curious as to why you chose Blue over Gold/Silver? Keep up the good work.
    I like Blue more than other generations because it's the only one I really played to its conclusion (I never finished GSC, barely started playing RSE, never started playing following generation(s)), so it's mainly because of nostalgia and confidence about the inner structure and content of the ROM.

    Originally Posted by Saten Ruiko View Post
    Since my English is limited I'll try to say it as short as I can: You hack awesome, maybe one of the best GB-Hacks around these forums. I love your story and the features. The screenshots are as sweet as sugar, same to your latest update. I will definitely bookmark this, keep up the good work!
    Thank you.

    Originally Posted by jespoke View Post
    It looks like a 2. gen game, with is awesome for a 1. gen hack :D And you have chosen some of my favorite sprites for individual pokemon (Like Silver Bulbasaur if i'm not wrong)

    Someone once defined Wood a 1.5th generation game; I like to think it that way.

    Originally Posted by namy_90 View Post
    whoa nice hack there,
    is there gonna be a RTC event in this game?
    good luck, i hope you can complete this hack ;)
    Of course there will be RTC events, I'm going to try to use this feature in every possible way, considering the time it took to be implemented.

    Originally Posted by Coolboyman View Post
    Official statement: This hack will be better than my Pokemon Brown if completed.

    I'm very proud of you and everyone who is pushing ROM hacking forward while I'm busy with other stuff. Keep it up.
    Thanks for the good feedback. I really hope this hack will open more minds about hacking possibilities (too many misconceptions exist around ROM hacking, in my opinion). After all this is just my first hack (and probably the last one too, considering the time it takes to be done!).
    [On a side note: I'm not too fond about comparison between hacks: someone expressed this concept better than me.]

    Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
    I've been watching this hack and I am interested in playing it. Including an RTC is a very creative idea. If there is anything else that can blow me away, it'd be a Mystery Gift function, but I don't see that happening.
    Thank you. I'll gather information about this "Mystery Gift" function, which, you might be surprised, I never made use of, and I'll see if it's worth being added.

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