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    Pokemon Overlord Takeover Version

    Base: Fire Red

    3 years after Red became Kanto's new champion, something happened. A Gatekeeper goofed, and a portal to another dimension was opened. A flock of new creatures flooded into the world! Stronger and more ruthless than the natives, they overpowered the Pokemon and took over the land! Trainers were ambushed, Gym Leaders ganged up on... Even the Elite 4 weren’t spared. Pokemon everywhere were killed, and those that survived fled the destruction.

    Now, humanity has the means to fight back. Pokeballs have finally been modified to hold these strange new creatures, and two otherworlders have been summoned.Sometimes friends, sometimes rivals, the two of you must work together in order to find out more about these creatures. Ultimate goal? To send back the intruders and get back the Pokemon!

    But not everyone shares your goal. For some like this new turn of events, and will stand in your way. Stay strong, battle hard, and return the world to what it was!

    NO POKEMON! All of ‘em are gone. And in their place.... muahaha.... 120+ new creatures to capture.
    Higher difficulty. E4 go up to almost 80.
    Type differences. 4 of the Gym/E4 have changed their types based on what’s available.
    The element of surprise! Did you ever wonder why all the Trainers on a route had Pokemon on the same levels? Now they don’t. Save often! (Note: Some Trainers are intentionally too high for you to face the first time through a route.)
    Most attacks have been changed - Familiar names from a different game are predominant.
    Completely different storyline. Almost every line of script has been redone.
    Many more pop culture/video game references.


    Features to come:
    *Map palette changes - Darker and more edgy than before!
    *Music changes - maybe eventually, if I discover a way.
    *Item changes - Would a Potion even work on a Gremlin?
    *Icon changes
    *Cry changes

    Known bugs:
    IMPORTANT: The Weedle Man has been deleted thanks to huge bugs. Act like he's still there until you deliver the package, or the game will freeze.
    IMPORTANT: There are 3 Potions in your home PC for a reason. Once you go up to Route 2, the game will glitch if you come back down. So, once you go up to Route 2, you need to continue through Viridian Forest.
    I haven’t found some lines of script yet, (Particularly in the opening) so some of them are still original.
    If Flonnechan is Burned, the Burn symbol won’t show up until you look at the summary screen. (Probably a holdover from her being a Fire-type)
    Warrior’s sprite is a bit glitchy.

    See edit at the bottom.

    Help needed:
    Music hacking - Disgaea codes its music differently than most DS games, so extracting usable music is beyond me. :< One of my highest wants, anyone who can help would be GREATLY appreciated.
    Sprite making - I would LOVE to have custom sprites for all the ‘mons. I’m just not that good. If you are and are willing to help, let me know!
    Cry editing
    Icon editing (May have time for, but it’s SO not high on the priority list. )

    Tools Used:
    Pokesav Scripter
    Advance Map

    Thanks to:
    Kaorusquee & Myrrhman, for bouncing around ideas until good ones were found.
    Myrrhman, for beta testing for me.
    Crimson Penguin, for ripping Disgaea sprites for me to use.

    EDIT: I accidentally borked the game. ; I have NO idea what I did, but I have to start from scratch.
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