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    Originally Posted by Pokepal17 View Post
    You reversed it wrong.
    It was originally 08 37 01 E0.
    It should be E0 01 37 08.

    You reverse each group of two digits, not each single digit. :3
    Thanks! But i really don't get this part:
    Now follow the sprite pointer and you will come to the pointers of the frames (sprite pointer info 2). Find out how may frames your sprite has and repoint the first (number of frames) pointers to a clean offsets. For the offsets, just find some FF in your hex editor and reverse the offset and replace the first pointer with it. Now to tell how much space you’ll need for each frame, convert the unreversed new data size into decimal.

    So I get 0800 ---> 2048

    So I’ll need 2048 bytes for each frame. So I repoint the frames to new offsets with enough space. I’m going to repoint to the offset 71A23C for my first frame so I reverse it and get 3C A2 71 08

    After each frame pointer there is the old data size for the frame; replace it with the new one (in my case 00 80.)

    Since all my frames are going to have the same images I’m repointing the frames to one offset but you’ll need to repoint to more offsets if you have a different image on each frame.
    What do i have to do?
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