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A few things to note before I even try to think about rating this:

Like dragonomega said, Ursaring sucks. You're not using it right, either. No STAB? It hits about as hard as a Timid Specs Dugtrio using Dig with that set. Really, Ursaring is a really bad Pokemon to build a team around - and if you wanted to, I'd recommend at the very least going into a lower tier so it at least has some chance at being competitive. Your Ursaring set is outclassed by Granbull right now, seriously. :( ...wait. 252 Def/252 SpD? How did I not even see the spread? Let me fix my previous statement - with that spread, you hit about as hard as a LO Spinda. :(

Alakazam doesn't beat Fighting-types at all. It comes in on say Conkeldurr's Drain Punch (and perhaps its Payback if it outpredicts you) and takes it almost all the way down to sash, and then dies to Mach Punch. How useful was 'Zam, again? Gliscor stuffs Fighting-types better than 'Zam does and you even have it in your team. ;o;

Agility/SD-pass Gliscor is bad. Run Ice Fang > Agility and Taunt > Baton Pass, imo. It also wants a 252hp/252def set.

You've got a little bit to understand about EVs and how they make a Pokemon's build more effective. If you have any questions about sets, you're free to post them here or in the Request-a-Moveset thread that's stickied in the main forum. :) Once you make/test these changes come back and I'll see if you need any further help from me. :3