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Your post is lacking some important information when it comes to rating teams. You're going to have to provide EVs, Natures, and which Abilities you're choosing for a proper rate.

However I can say a few things from what I've seen so far:
- Ariados isn't a very good pokemon. It's because his typing is one of the worst in the game, his base stats are mediocre at best for a fully evolved pokemon, and his movepool is extremely shallow. You may want to consider a replacement over him.

- Never use moves that require a charging turn, or recharging turn. This means that you probably should look for a different move over Giga Impact. It gives the opponent a free switch or setup move that could lead to your demise.

- I understand the theme you're going for, but try finding pokemon that complement each other and can hold their own in battle. You've chosen some rather weak pokemon to create your team around. Are you familiar with tiers?