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    No. I dont know what tiers are.
    I forgot Giga Impact was a recharge move. My strategy has always been Hit and Run. Use strong pkmn with high speed. I wanted to try something new. I'll admit Ariados isn't the best, but I wanted to use his low speed with Sucker Punch, but I'll find something else. Is Rampardos a good replacement?
    The weak pkmn comment, I know. My main HG team is Typhlosion, Alakazam, Dragonite, Tyranitar and Quagsire, all sweepers of some kind, and it got boring. I was trying to use uncommon pkmn in this Trap Team. I've been in some wifi battles, and seen every Pokemon Episode, and I remembered Ash fighting a Gym Leader that used Stealth Rock, and I wanted to try it.
    I havent used Kabutops since R/B/Y, so I forgot the low Sp atk. Plus, I've never seen the point of Fighting moves, other than Cross Chop and Vital Throw. Hitmonlee is the only solid fighting type pkmn I've really used. I've also never used any kind of stat move unless it was really early in the game. Plus, it wouldnt help me, cuz I Haze out evry stat change. I'm willing to try SD.
    I like strategy, but the way my brother taught me is Hit and Run. He always used speed and (sp)atk. I've always been attracted to power, and it seems to destroy me in battles. Only strategy on my HG team is in a double battle, with Tyranitar's Sand Stream going, and Quagsire out next to it.
    I'm not good with Bug Types, and I want to learn how to use them. It might help me in battles. Here's what Kabutops is with your suggestions
    Low Kick
    Aqua Jet
    Swords Dance.
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