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    It's come to my attention that due to a schedule change which I'd rather not disclose, that roughly every other Wednesday, I won't have access to a computer. So in order to keep a relatively regular schedule of release, I'm making one final change- new chapters will be released every Sunday until I run out of 'em.

    This next chapter is relatively uneventful, until about mid-way. Then we get a surprise from an old pal, and a new challenge is put in the way of our hero...ines.

    here comes the sun

    Chapter Four: Viridian City Showdown Pt. I

    Travel was, for the most part, a relatively uneventful thing for sisters Beth and Sierra- the most eventful thing was when Beth tripped over an extending tree root and cut up her leg a little bit. But that slight pain was utterly ignored when she looked up and saw the grandest sight she had ever seen.

    Beth and Sierra Scott were small-town girls. Their original home had been Azalea Town in the Johto region, and then they had moved to Pallet. The only times they had seen cities were on TV and on their trip (in which both of them had really been more asleep on than anything), but now...

    "...It's huge," Sierra murmured.

    Beth nodded her agreement. Viridian City was right in front of them, tall, sprawling skyscrapers seemingly touching the heavens, sounds of car horns and people's conversations ringing thtrough their ears. The two of them looked at each other and bolted forward, going further inside the barriers of this wonderful metropolis.

    "...Frickin' huge," Sierra repeated.

    Their first few stops were leisurely, of course. It would be a crime if the two small-town girls would ignore the fun that they could have in the big city: shops, arcades (both of the girls were huge video game buffs), and of course, restaurants.

    "C'mon," Beth begged. "This place looks so good! The food is bound to be awesome."

    "We have a limited budget. If we're gonna eat anything other than Pokemon Center food, it's gonna need to be cheap," Sierra said. Again. For the third time, to be precise.

    "C'mon! Please? One time. Only time I'll ever ask."

    Sierra shut her eyes and sighed. "Fine. Once. In return, though, we aren't gonna be able to go any other places for today."

    Beth seemed to be ignoring that prospect, instead rushing in through the doors of the, "Viridian Kitchen". It was a rather famous little restaraunt chain with one or two in every city. It wasn't high-class, which was why Sierra figured they could afford it, but it certainly wasn't a fast food restaraunt.

    Sierra followed Beth on through with a sigh. The inside of the Kitchen was pretty fancy looking, with lights hanging down every other set of two or three feet, their ever-so-slight glow giving the tables and buffet booths an air of sophistication. The smell of various foods (pasta, steaks, chicken, pizza- all sorts of delicious stuff) was intoxicating. Sierra stopped to admire it for a moment, before walking after Beth, who was awaiting her arrival in line. She stopped next to her, throwing an arm around her sister and planting a kiss on her forehead. "You're lucky I like you, kid."

    So, the duo was seated and given their menus. Sierra cringed at the prices- some meals were upward of fifty dollars. Their dad had given them a grand and a half in total to use for the first leg of their journey, and they had spent about a hundred of that in various shops. She spotted the best deal, she supposed, with the thirty dollar buffet.

    So, that was what they got. Beth was the first to get up, excited to eat after a long day of walking and shopping; Sierra couldn't blame her, really. They had skipped breakfast and eaten a small lunch, after all.

    Of course, bad things tend to happen with big crowds and eager people.


    Beth rushed by an accidentally elbowed a tall man right in the gut, swerving around on her feet the moment she realized it. She examined him as he stumbled back; he was a tall man in khaki pants, a greenish blue hoody, and dress shoes. His facial features were piercing, though the intimidation was slightly reduced by the ridiculously bright brown hair, bright to the point of nearly being orange, on his head. She quickly apologized.

    "So sorry! Oh, oh my God, are you okay?"

    The man looked up at her for a moment, as if examining her with equal intensity. She felt her legs begin to tremble a bit. He recovered, then nodded slowly. "I'm fine. Thanks for askin'. Though, ya should be a lil' more careful in these big crowds, Miss..."

    "Beth! Beth Scott," she said.

    "...Miss Scott." His eyes fell down to her waist, and for a moment she thought this man was being perverted (he probably was too, on the side), but realized he was mainly eyeing her belt, both Shelly and Buck's Pokeballs out in the open. "You a Pokemon trainer, Miss Scott?"

    Beth nodded. She examined his belt too, but saw no Pokeballs. He smiled at this nod, and motioned with his head toward a nearby table. She saw a small crowd of Pokemon around it, mainly a small, brown cat-like Pokemon she didn't recognize, a small purple rat (a Rattata, she figured), and a decent-sized human-like Pokemon with blue skin and defined muscle tone that she also recognized as a Machop, a common worker Pokemon.

    "Those're mine. Tell you what, Miss Scott. You can make that little incident up to me by dropping by the gym later on today. Name's... well, the name ain't quite important right now. I'll tell you when you get to the gym, okey doke?"

    Beth nodded slowly. "...Uhm? Alright, I guess."

    The man grinned from ear to ear, then walked toward the buffet booths, leaving Beth to wander back down to her seat. Sierra was waiting for her there, an arm slung over the side of the booth they were sitting in, an eyebrow raised. "You didn't get us in much trouble, did you?"

    "I dunno... I just bumped into him by accident, then he started talking about some gym, that I could meet him there later-"

    "Huh? Wait, that's... duh! Stupid Sierra, stupid!"

    Sierra leaped up to her feet and stormed over to the buffet booths, picking out her food quickly, Beth following shortly after. The short time was filled with short bursts of conversation between the two siblings that consisted of the following, in basics:

    "What? What's goin' on, Sierra?"

    "I'll explain it later. Just eat. Hurry up, too."

    The two ate swiftly, then got their reservations down at the Pokemon Center so they would have a cheap place to sleep tonight. To say Sierra forced them to walk quickly would be an understatement. But on the way there, a familiar face stepped out of the shadows.

    "'lo there, Scotts."

    Matt Joyson could tell that he had taken the Scott sisters by surprise; they had been rushing to something. Perhaps he could make them a little late, make their blood boil a little. He wanted to see that.

    "Matt?" Sierra piped up. "We're a bit busy. We sort of got invited personally to-"

    Matt placed up a hand, silencing her. "I don't care. First, I want a rematch against you, Sierra!"

    "...Ugh. Fine, Joyson! Beth, you go on. I'll battle annoyance here."

    Beth nodded quickly and darted off.

    "That's the direction of the gym," Matt observed, watching her go. "Did you mean you got invited by Blue Oak? Wow. How'd that happen?"

    Sierra explained the incident to him. He nodded slowly, then removed Blair's Pokeball from his belt.

    "Well, I suppose if you wanna go see this go down, maybe get a bit in yourself," he started, "then we had best hurry the heck up."

    Beth was a bit frightened. Sierra took this seriously, but Beth imagined it was common. Blue Oak was a big trainer, was he not? He probably invited everybody and their Weedle to his gym.

    She sighed, pressing the door open and entering the gym. She was startled right out of her skin when something spoke to her in a droning, mechanical voice.


    "Welcome to the Viridian City Rainbow Gym! I am PidgeBot Model VI, now included with such functions as PseudoPokedex, Leader Messages, and Tour Guide! The following has been set as my current function: Leader Messages. The following comes from..."

    Then, the familiar voice of Blue hit her ears.

    "Leader 'Blue' Oak," PidgeBot continued. "I am the leader of this gym, the Rainbow Gym, renowned for it multiple typings instead of a monotype set up like most gyms. If you're hearing this message, I'm either not here or not available to battle. You can wait for me at the entrance, or check back later. Sorry for any inconvieniences-"

    "Shut off, PidgeBot," a voice said. Beth turned again to see the familiar FACE of Blue Oak this time around.

    "Recognized voice of 'Leader 'Blue' Oak'! Following command. Shut...down."

    The robotic Pidgey then floated back over to the stand it had apparently flown off in the first place.

    "Sorry 'bout that," Blue said. "I told him to shut off when I came back earlier, but no... gonna have to complain to the League 'bout that. Get a new one."

    Beth smiled a bit nervously. She was going to have to curse Sierra later for giving her such a case of the jitters like this. "It's okay."

    Blue cocked his head toward the back of the place. She looked at it for the first time- it was a long hallway, each wall painted a drab hunter green, splitting into a plus-sign shaped series of pathways once or twice within her range of sight.

    "Gym's a maze. Still under construction from its old form, though, so no trainer has to go through it. That a disappointment or a relief to you, Beth?"

    Beth pondered it for a moment. "Pretty big relief. I've never been good at puzzles."

    Blue's expression seemed to dim at the response. "Ah... well, here are your choices. If you want to challenge this gym today, you can take path one; fight three gym trainers, each with one Pokemon, or you can take path two. Path Two is skip the gym trainers and go right to me, but I use my full team for your level- which is the 'Level' stat of your Pokemon combined- while the other option features me using HALF my team for your level. Your choice, Miss Scott."

    The choice was a difficult one. She weighed the benefits in her mind; fight three one-Pokemon trainers and risk losing both of her Pokemon in that chain of fighting, or fight one trainer and risk losing both of her Pokemon in one whole round. She closed her eyes and sighed.

    "Well, I think I'll..."

    At the same time, Sierra was making a painful choice of her own. She learned in the academy that one of the most important factors of a battle was prediction: if your opponent threw out a type that could fight easily against your own, you could potentially be screwed. She needed to out predict him, and that was a choice between Grass or Fighting. She also weighed the benefits of the two; Grass, AKA Venus, was powerful... when she wanted to be. Fighting, AKA Ali- the name she had chosen for her Mankey- was fierce and probably of moderate strength, but also very difficult to keep under her control. She closed her eyes and sighed. "Are we gonna begin this fight or what, Joyson?"

    Matt shrugged. "Whenever you're ready, 'Scott'."

    "Come on, then! Ali!"

    She gripped the Mankey's Pokeball and tossed her hand forward, making sure not to let the ball fly loose, her thumb over the release switch. It pushed down on the silver, metallic button and Sierra felt the ball expand in her hand, watching the jolt of white, blinding light flash out and materialize into the husky shape of the boxing superstar's new image.

    "Alright! Blair, let's get this party started!"

    Matt sent out his orange lizard, and Sierra smiled. Had he even caught anything else? She didn't know, and really, she could not have cared any less. She would win either way.

    "Blair, start this off! Ember!"

    Her train of thought was broken when Matt stole the first command, his Charmander opening its mouth and sending forth a small mass of burning dust particles in the air. Those particles landed on Ali's tan fur, causing him to jump back and yelp. She sympathized with the poor thing- must have hurt. Oh well.

    "Heh, stealing the first attack, Joyson? Fine! Ali, use..."

    Suddenly, she realized that she didn't know if her Mankey knew any special attacks. She pulled her Pokedex out of her pocket and flipped it open, pushing through a small list of various sheets of information until she finally found the moveset for Ali.

    "Alright. Low Kick, Ali!" she shouted next.

    Ali ran in place for a moment (picking up some momentum, Sierra figured), then dashed forward. Just inches away from Blair, he dropped to use a single arm for support, sliding along the ground, one foot extended just a little farther than the other. This knocked Blair's legs out from beneath him, sending him up into the air for just a moment. Ali took this moment of vulnerability to his advantage, delivering a quick, fierce chop to the Charmander's stomach.

    Blair landed on the ground on all fours, his tail waving around behind him. With his mouth opened to reveal tiny, but sharp little fangs, he looked quite feral- he only awaited his trainer's orders to do something.

    "Alright, Blair! Let's try for a Tackle this time! Its defenses should be down a little! Quick!" Matt cried.

    Blair leaped forward, his shoulder projected. With as much force as he could possibly muster, Blair slammed into Ali, his shoulder hitting the Mankey's nose and sending him skidding back a couple inches, some pretty nice distance, Sierra mentally admitted.

    "Okay! Ali, I know you're probably hurtin' some, but hang in there!" Sierra proclaimed. "It's time for your Fury Swipes attack!"

    Ali ran forward at his trainer's command, darting toward Blair. Blair tried to raise his arms in defense, but got them up a little too late- two direct scratches toward his stomach were delivered, drawing blood and causing what appear to be some pretty decent amounts of pain, judging by the flinching and squinting of his eyes.

    "Not bad, Sierra. Not bad at all," Matt responded, a grin on his face. "Hang in there, Blair! Retaliate with a Scratch of your own!

    The Charmander looked back at its trainer for a moment, then nodded his agreement. With a yelp of, "Char!", Blair ran at Ali", delivering a quick scratch across the Mankey's face. With a howl of rage, but a body incapable of responding to it, Ali fell to the ground and did not get back up.

    The situation was looking a little bleak for Sierra.She shut her eyes and did a few deep breaths, trying to calm herself down some. She was known for occasionally flying off the handle when things didn't quite go as planned: and if she did that here, that would only satisfy Matt. She wasn't going to let THAT happen, now was she? She removed Venus's Pokeball from her belt and released her.

    "Venus. Listen very carefully," Sierra whispered, leaning down at the Bulbasaur's side. "I need you to fight as hard as you can. Please, PLEASE don't be lazy..."

    In response, Vens opened her mouth to let out a huge yawn, laying her head down on the ground and closing her eyes. Sierra stood up, stomped her foot and let loose a frustrated yelp. "DAMN IT!"

    Of course, Blue seemed to be getting his mood dampened by this response too. "The big battle against big, bad gym leader, huh? Alright. Follow me, then."

    Beth nodded slowly. She supposed impressing the famous Blue was impossible, though- after all, he had probably fought the boldest of the bold, the toughest of the toughest of the tough. She sighed, following after him.

    "So, where are you from?" Blue asked.

    "Pallet Town," Beth said absentmindedly. She thought of including the Azalea Town incident, but decided against it.

    "Ah! We're from the same town, huh? You ever meet my grandpa?"

    Beth shook her head. "No, not in person. He really seems like an impressive guy, though."

    Blue shrugged. "He is, I suppose. He's pretty wise."

    Beth looked at him for a moment. "How about a battler? Is he any good as a battler?"

    "I hear some stories of amazing battles he's had," Blue murmured. "But, there are no records of it other than word of mouth, and..." He let a smile cross his lips. "The old coot never really confirms it. I've asked him multiple times, tried to extract some information out of him, and all he gives me is that smile and a shrug, as well as that same old response, 'Possibly. Memories elude me these days.'"

    Beth nodded slowly. "...Huh."

    The two reached the platform that the battle was going to take place on, and PidgeBot joined them, fluttering up next to Beth. He began to speak.

    "Currently in automatic referee mode!" the bot squawked. "Battle of Level 18 challenger against Gym Leader! Gym Leader is allowed to use up to six Pokemon of Level 3 or Lower, or one Pokemon of Level 18. Gym Leader is not allowed to rotate Pokemon. Challenger is allowed to rotate, and use as many Pokemon as they have on them!"

    Level was a concept that had always confused Beth. A Pokemon's level was an addition of its stats- which was even more confusing a concept to her. She believed it was something along the following lines: A Pokedex could scan a Pokemon and count measurements through muscle mass, internal energy and such, estimate a Pokemon's ability and count them into "stats". These stats combined made a Pokemon's "level", and a trainer's "Trainer Level" was determined through the addition of all of their Pokemon's "levels". All that it had been composed of confused the hell out of Beth, so she was somewhat grateful for the PidgeBot's assistance.

    "This is, as you learned earlier, the Rainbow Gym. I use any and every type of Pokemon. I still give out the Earth Badge, only because Erika stole the whole 'Rainbow Badge' concept before I thought of it- eh. Beside the point," Blue said. "So various terrains and such will be employed through this little sucker here." He removed a switch from his pocket, finger over one of the several different miniature buttons, a grin on his face. "So, uh... PidgeBot. Provide her a pen. Going to have to sign a waver saying basically, 'If I slip and hurt myself on the ice terrain, break my knee on a rock in the mountain terrain or something, it ain't my ol' friend Blue's fault'."

    PidgeBot went away for a moment, returning with a pen clapsed in his beak alongside a rolled up sheett of paper.

    "Don't worry, I probably won't be using more than the mountain or modern terrains, since this gym only has half of its ice, and pseudovolcanic terrains installed- ah, if you'll excuse my language Miss Scott, ****in' budget cuts-. It's not that dangerous, but I don't want that one klutzy blonde gal slipping up and suing me over it."

    Beth nodded, her black hair shaking a bit. Thank GOD she wasn't a blonde. She signed the paper and handed it to PidgeBot, who flew off for a few moments, then returned- beak empty- to Beth's side.

    "So, then." Blue pressed one of the buttons on the switch, the room shimmering for a moment. Suddenly, Beth felt the modern, sheen floor tiles beneath her disappear, and be replaced with a coarse, grainy surface. She saw the walls around them totally vanish, instead replaced by mountains and clear blue sky.

    "Holy crap," Beth whispered.

    Blue grinned. "Impressed? Modern technology does a lot of wonders. Gym Leaders back in my day had to have their terrain pre-installed and it couldn't change. So glad I didn't become one before this stuff was invented."

    Beth nodded, removing Shelly's Pokeball from her belt. "Well, uhm... I'm ready to fight!"

    "And so am I," Blue responded. "Thought you might want to take a few moments to admire the scenery. But, guess not. Alright, then." Blue removed a Pokeball from his belt, nodding toward Beth.

    "Let the battle..." PidgeBot started.

    Blue interrupted just seconds before the big finish. "BEGIN!"

    Thanks to ShinySandshrew of serebiiforums for the banner!
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