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    Alice smiled at the Porygon and couldn't help but say, "It's so cute!"

    "I'm gonna guess this counts as a yes huh? If we're gonna battle I guess we should go over to the stadium over there," the new opponent said as he pointed to a forested area.

    "Yes, it counts as a yes," Alice said, pausing because of how weird that sounded. "Oh! I don't think I introduced myself. I'm Mark," Mark said, holding out his hand for a friendly handshake. Alice accepted it. "I'm Alice, and this is Jem," she said. "Vulpix!"

    Jem said in response to the introduction. Commodore floated over to Jem. "PORY. PORYGON," it said in a robotic voice. "Vulpix!" Jem greeted, happy to meet another Pokémon. Alice realized Mark was in a class, so she had to be careful that nobody would notice and ask why she wasn't in class. She started walking toward the arena in quick strides. "We better get going. The sooner the better, right?"
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