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Originally Posted by Cilerba View Post
I'll approve this for now, but you'll need to have at least two screenshots within the next 48 hours.
Not a problem. I can get some, however, they are with the old tilesets until I decide which tilesets I will use, then I will update them.

Originally Posted by thepsynergist View Post
So you need a:
-Intro vid/In-game vids/Title screen

What are you making in your project if you need that many people on your team? It's like you had an idea and you want everyone else to make it while you sit back and chill. Just sayin'...
Well, now I have been improving my scripting skills, and I can take charge of sounds and music, so I guess I'll scratch those two positions off the list.

EDIT: Screens are up, but with default tilesets, meaning, they are subject to change. They will be changed if I find new tilesets, or if I get a good spriter.

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