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Nice OOC thread. By the way, who determines what pokemon the gym leaders have? Because that's the only thing stopping me from posting a battle with the electric leader. So, does the first to battl them make up what they have? Or do you as the GM?

Edit: I keep losing my current team and sub characters. So, I will post them here and just update them as I go.

My team:
Esper (Espeon): level 41, Signal Beam, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Bite.
Volt (Manectric): level 36, Discharge, Zap Canon, Quick Attack, Double Kick
Razor (Skarmory): level 36, Steel Wing, Brave Bird, Air Cutter, Whirlwind
Deluge (Wartortle): level 34, Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Rapid Spin, Protect
Amber (Leafeon): level 35, Synthesis, Quick Attack, Solar Beam, Razor Leaf
Draco (Shelgon): level 35, Flamethrower, Dragonbreath, Dragon Pulse, Zen Headbutt
Vulpix: level 45, Flamethrower, Flash, Flame Charge, Dig

Current sub-characters:
Van (Vulpix): level 45, Flamethrower, Flash, Flame Charge, Dig
Marcus: power; future sight. Team: Clefairy, level 32; Magmar, level 31; Gyarados, level 33; Mightyena, level 29; Swellow, level 28
Robby: power; telekinesis.
Mia: power; being a brat . Team: Delcatty, level 35; Glameow, level 34; Ursaring, level 44; Sparkles (Rattata), level 41; Munchlax, level 34; Fearow, level 33
Winny Shieldmaker: level 44, Mirror Coat, Counter, Light Screen, Teleport
Trigger Hawkeyes: level 59, Twister, Fly, Aerial Ace, Mud Shot
Espore: level 41, Signal Beam, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Bite
Quincy: No power. Team: Arcino (Sceptile), level 49; Logana (Venomoth), level 46; Zemda (Lapras), level 47; Reiginleif (Sandslash), level 44; Kitreena (Liepard), level 45; Alastar (Scizor), level 48
Drake: Power; Dragon Mastery, flirting. Team; Kilita (Flygon), level 65; Zeal (Salamence), level 64; Rena (Dragonair), level 63; Mako (Deino), level 38; Egg (Gible), level 0; Egg (Axew), level 0; Zelgum (in box) (Haxorus), level 63; Tak (In box) (Garchomp), level 62; Goras (in box) (Altaria), level 63; Kendo (in box) (Hydreigon), level 61;
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