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    Originally Posted by Garet View Post
    Awesome! That was a good battle.

    And, I have a random question, pertaining to this roleplay, that just kinda popped into my head...if a Pokemon loses the ability to speak once that Pokemon is captured, then would that same Pokemon be able to regain the ability to speak should it ever escape or break its Pokeball or have its Pokeball broken or something?
    ...Sorry, random question, but still.
    Yes. If that happens they can talk. Maybe later in the RP, somebody catches you and you break free. That'd be cool, but just an idea. And thanks for the compliment on the battle.

    Also, would the CTs know each other? I mean not know who they are personally, but see something kindred about each other. Because Verus Umbra and I are on our way to the same gym right now, and we might meet each other along the way.
    Sure, you just have to talk to her about that. Maybe, foreshadow a bit. Maybe go with her to the gym. It's up to you.
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