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"Awesome," said Sel simply, taking a long drink. "Cheers for that Len! Well yeah...I suppose I know more people now, I am pretty shy when I first meet a group but after that..." she tailed off and shrugged, smiling, "what you see is what you get! But let's not get patronising..." she mock-warned as Mark patted her back. She got up and followed him towards the blonde haired trainer, punching him in the arm playfully as she caught up. Riolu laughed at how feeble her punch was, almost stopping walking while Swablu looked at him as though he was insane and continued to fly beside Selene serenely.

Ri ran over to Len and dove on him, sending them both rolling over the grass. Playfighting was part of Ri's nature as a Riolu, it was his way of forming bonds. Swablu shook her head as Selene laughed lightly, pointing her finger at Ri and shaking it. "Ri! Play nicely!! Don't get too Riolu-like okay?" She looked round and Mark had stopped walking by the blonde haired trainer, and she had continued walking on. She blushed slightly and walked back to them, putting her hand behind her head and laughing. "Ha! Didn't see you guys...hi, I'm Selene! That's such a lovely Dratini you have there!!" she said brightly, leaning down to look at Dratini closer. Swablu landed on her head and also watched the pokemon. "Swa..blu?" he asked, cocking his head to the side.
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